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Orange chocolate brownie cookies. Let us repeat that. Orange. Chocolate. Brownie. Cookies! These flavors combine to make a rich flavor that is just absolutely amazing. Find the recipe in our January/February issue on newsstands. Or just use the link in our profile! #chocolate #brownie #cookies #orange #thebakefeed #bakefromscratch
Packed with flavors from spiced blackberry compote and whipped mascarpone, this cake is sure to please any chocolate lover. Such perfection from @bakedbybenji! (She also approves it for breakfast and who are we to argue about chocolate cake for breakfast??) Check out her posts at the link in our profile!
@bakedbybenji: "What a strange Christmas this year will be. But there’ll still be cake so that helps. If you’re looking for something to bake this week, I’ve just posted the recipe on my blog for this intensely chocolatey fudge cake filled with whipped mascarpone and a spiced blackberry compote. I promise it’s an easy one to make and can verify it tastes especially good the next day first thing in the morning 😉" #thebakefeed #bakefromscratch #chocolate #chocolatecake #nationalchocolatecakeday #repost
With a new lesson of the Better Baking Academy with @bobsredmill comes a new episode of our podcast, The Crumb. @brianharthoffman talks with @kickassbaker about how to make the perfect Dutch Oven bread and preview her latest recipe, Dutch Oven Bread with Cheddar and Everything Bagel Seasoning.  Click the link in profile to hear it and go to @kickassbaker page to get her amazing new recipe. And don't forget to sign up for our Better Baking Academy Virtual Class, held tomorrow at 5:00 pm EST, where @brianharthoffman will walk you through the process of making and baking the perfect Dutch Oven bread! 

. . . 
#sponsored #thebetterbakingacademy #bobsredmill #dutchovenbread #podcast #kickassbaker #thebakefeed #bread #dutchovenbread
Tart Tuesday! Lemon, check. Chocolate ganache, check. Sweet chocolate and the "tart" (see what we did there?) lemon layer combine to make this beauty! Check out the recipe in our profile! #thebakefeed #bakefromscratch #lemon #chocolate #tart
Looking to make something with ingredients that might already be in your cupboards? This Brown Sugar Peanut Pie is the answer! Made with dark brown sugar and peanuts, this pie delivers a sweet and salty taste that is just perfect. Check out this recipe, and many other peanut inspired bakes, in our January/February issue! #thebakefeed #bakefromscratch #peanuts #pie
Can we rename beignets to beign-yays?  Traditionally served covered in piles of powered sugar, these pillowy treats are a staple in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. In our January/February issue, we take our beignet recipe and give it a new twist with this cinnamon sugar topping. If you're a beignet purist, that's okay, too! We've even got a step-by-step on making your own at home that you can cover with mounds of powdered sugar. Check the link in profile to get your issue! #thebakefeed #bakefromscratch #beignet #beignets
Cinnamon rolls, but make them chocolate cinnamon rolls. Up your cinnamon roll game by adding some stone ground chocolate to the mix. Then top with some cream cheese glaze for a magnificent combination of flavors! Follow the link in our profile to the recipe! #thebakefeed #bakefromscratch #cinnamonrolls #chocolate #chocolatecinnamonrolls
Swoops of caramelized white chocolate under chocolate cake topped with coordinating sprinkles. Lovely cake by Visit our link in profile to visit her page!
 • "The best chocolate cake you've ever made" totally non biased review from my husband! ~ rich fudgy chocolate cake with the deliciousness that is caramelized white chocolate frosting 😆✨😋🍫🙌
#thebakefeed #bakefromscratch #chocolatecake #chocolate #repost