Our 5 Most Popular Recipes of 2016

    Brioche au Chocolat Loaf on white surface sliced

    It’s been an incredible 2016 for Bake from Scratch! From buttermilk biscuits and 1-2-3-4 cakes to rustic ryes and French gâteaux, we’ve had a blast creating irresistible recipes for the artisan home baker. Here are our 5 most popular recipes from this past year that you enjoyed the most, and shared with us! You can get a hard copy of all our recipes from the magazine in our first annual Bake from Scratch Cookbook (available for pre-order now!)

    1. Brioche Au Chocolat Loaf (Spring, 2016)

    No wonder we chose this beauty to grace to cover of our Spring 2016 issue. At its heart, brioche is the gorgeous love child of a pastry chef and a bread baker. Think of it as part bread-part cake that combines the backbone of a dessert maven’s repertoire (milk, eggs, sugar, and butter) with the rich yeast of the boulangerie. Adding dark chocolate to basic brioche gives it a rich, deeply satisfying twist that feels just as at home on the breakfast table as the dessert plate.

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