8 Bread Bakers You Should Know

Photo courtesy Eliesa Johnson Photography

By Sophia Jones

Keep an eye on these artisan bread bakers who are infusing heart and soul into their rustic breads. These bakers pay meticulous attention to every step of the bread baking process, from sourcing the freshest local ingredients to pulling fragrant loaves from their ovens.

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  1. Is there any way possible to buy a copy of Bake from Scratch, The Bread Collection? Please respond with any suggestions for obtaining a copy.

  2. May I recommend an artisan bakery in the Okanagan, in British Columbia’s wine country? It’s called Walla Artisan Bakery in the town of Penticton, in the South Okanagan. Baker is Benjamin Manea, an Israeli self-taught bread genius. The breads are all 3 day fermentations, tremendous flavour and outstanding crusts. People come from all over for his Jewish Rye.with Caraway. His other products are pretty phenomenal too…
    I’m his wife 🙂


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