8 Bread Bakers You Should Know

Photo courtesy Jennifer Olson

Steve Scott  

Babettes Artisan Bread | Denver, Colorado

Cofounder, Head Baker

After training under award-winning baker Kathleen Weber at Petaluma, California’s Della Fatoria, Steve Scott made the move and opened Babettes in the fall of 2013. Known for his dark loaves with a well-caramelized crust, Steve ferments his bread with a milk levain, high hydration, and little development in the mixing stage to give it a distinctly complex flavor. His creations resemble bread you would’ve seen in French bakeries 200 years ago—and he believes that’s how it should be.

Signature bread: Pain Natural, 25 percent whole wheat bread made with King Arthur Sir Galahad White Wheat flour, 36-hour fermentation, all naturally leavened.

Where to find it: Babettes Artisan Bread

Follow: babettesbakery.com

Photo courtesy Ed Reeve

Michelle Eshkeri    

Margot Bakery | London, England

Founder, Head Baker

Michelle Eshkeri can’t make her babka fast enough. From the quaint Margot Bakery in north London, Michelle sells as many babkas—boasting flavors like Valrhona French chocolate, tahini and Demerara sugar, and cinnamon and brown sugar—as she can make every day. In February 2016, Michelle transformed the space that is now Margot Bakery (formerly a post office!) to achieve her lifelong dream of opening a neighborhood bakery.

Signature bread: Babka made with sourdough, organic eggs, and Lescure butter to produce completely naturally leavened brioche dough.

Where to find it: Margot Bakery

Follow: margotbakery.co.uk

Photo courtesy Zivi Krieger and Kelsey Tucker

Andy Kadin  

Bub and Grandma’s Bread | Los Angeles, California

Founder, Head Baker

Andy Kadin is on a quest to bring “real bread” to Los Angeles. Andy, who began baking from his home and selling bread to his first restaurant in February 2015, now supplies over 20 restaurants with a variety of his naturally and poolish leavened, whole wheat breads made with freshly milled flour from nearby Pasadena. Compared to most bakers, Andy uses a higher percentage of whole wheat flour in his breads for flavor, nutrition, and longevity.

Signature bread: Sesame Whole Wheat Loaf made with 55 percent Grist & Toll hard red wheat flour with toasted sesame.

Where to find it: Cafés and restaurants in the Los Angeles area, including L&E Oyster Bar, Wax Paper Co., The Hart and the Hunter, and Dune, as well as Cookbook, an organic artisan market

Follow: bubandgrandmas.com


  1. Is there any way possible to buy a copy of Bake from Scratch, The Bread Collection? Please respond with any suggestions for obtaining a copy.

  2. May I recommend an artisan bakery in the Okanagan, in British Columbia’s wine country? It’s called Walla Artisan Bakery in the town of Penticton, in the South Okanagan. Baker is Benjamin Manea, an Israeli self-taught bread genius. The breads are all 3 day fermentations, tremendous flavour and outstanding crusts. People come from all over for his Jewish Rye.with Caraway. His other products are pretty phenomenal too…
    I’m his wife 🙂


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