8 Bread Bakers You Should Know


Daniel Cruden  

Amano Bakery | Auckland, New Zealand

Head Baker

Curious tourists and office workers on lunch break enter Amano Bakery hungry and leave happy. The 20 unique loaves Daniel Cruden bakes every day pay homage to traditional baking techniques. He hand shapes each and every one of his breads, including miche, ciabatta, brioche, up to 10 different sourdough varieties, and a pumpernickel with his own home-brewed dark beer. Opened in May 2016, Amano Bakery is the newest venture of HIPGROUP, an Auckland hospitality company that owns some of the city’s most popular restaurants and cafés.

Signature bread: Traditional French baguette with crunchy crust and moist, open crumb, made with a combination of biological white baker’s flour and rye flour; each baguette ferments for around 16 to 20 hours. 

Where to find it: Amano Bakery, HIPGROUP cafés and restaurants, including Kohi Corner, Richmond Road Café, and Takapuna Beach Café & Store

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Photo courtesy Johnny Autry

Dave Bauer  

Farm & Sparrow | Asheville, North Carolina

Founder, Head Baker, and Miller

What was supposed to be Dave Bauer’s 10-month bread baking experiment is still thriving a decade later as a wood-fired craft bakery and flour mill. From the homestead called Farm & Sparrow in the foothills of the Appalachians, Dave mills his own stone-ground flour on-site from organic grains to preserve the original aromatic qualities of the grain in his bread.

Signature bread: Heirloom Grit made from regional heirloom corn; dough is filled with cooked grits and the final loaf is rolled in dry grits to create a contrast of milky sweet corn on the inside with crispy toasted corn on the outside.

Where to find it: All Souls Pizza, The Bull and Beggar, Buxton Hall BBQ, Nightbell Restaurant & Lounge, Sovereign Remedies, Local Provisions, The Marketplace, North Asheville Tailgate Market, Asheville City Market, Black Mountain Tailgate Market, and The River Arts District Market

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  1. Is there any way possible to buy a copy of Bake from Scratch, The Bread Collection? Please respond with any suggestions for obtaining a copy.

  2. May I recommend an artisan bakery in the Okanagan, in British Columbia’s wine country? It’s called Walla Artisan Bakery in the town of Penticton, in the South Okanagan. Baker is Benjamin Manea, an Israeli self-taught bread genius. The breads are all 3 day fermentations, tremendous flavour and outstanding crusts. People come from all over for his Jewish Rye.with Caraway. His other products are pretty phenomenal too…
    I’m his wife 🙂


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