9 Baking Bloggers to Follow

Photo courtesy Thalia Ho

Australian Aficionado
Butter and Brioche  
Thalia Ho | Brisbane, Australia

Get baking down under with Thalia Ho. She testifies to the therapeutic power of baking, and as her blog suggests, this Aussie is the boss of brioche. Wreaths, Tarte Tropézienne, babka, tarts, doughnuts—you name it, Thalia’s “brioche-d” it. From a masterful layer cake dripping with white chocolate and topped with pale pink roses to a simple, homespun chocolate pudding cream pie, Thalia does it all.

Photo courtesy Thalia Ho

With beautiful narrations that could almost be ballads to baking, we’re convinced she could’ve been a poet in another life. Look out for the powerful quotes by literary greats like John Locke and Anaïs Nin that she places at the top of every post. Also, be sure to explore the blog’s French baking section. Thalia claims to have French taste buds, and we believe it.

Facebook: Butter and Brioche | Instagram: @thaliaho | Snapchat: thalia-ho
Twitter: @butterxbrioche

Photo courtesy Nik Sharma

International All Star
A Brown Table  
Nik Sharma | San Francisco, California

With Nik Sharma’s recipes, you’ll soon discover that you can travel with your taste buds. His dishes are fabulously vibrant with a one-of-a-kind international flair reminiscent of his experiences growing up in Bombay, India; Cincinnati; and Washington, D.C. Nik, who recently gave up a job in the pharmaceutical industry to follow his dream of becoming a chef, focuses on seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on quality whole grains.

Photo courtesy Nik Sharma

He isn’t afraid to spice things up either. Think olive oil pound cake with cardamom and saffron or a sesame and tahini-tinged coconut cake. A Brown Table also shines with the savories. Try his breakfast naan pizza with mustard greens and paneer. Check out Nik’s “A Brown Table” food column in the San Francisco Chronicle too.

Facebook: A Brown Table | Instagram:@abrowntable | Twitter: @abrowntable

Photo courtesy Glasser Images

Physicist Turned Pastry Maven
Pastry Affair
Kristin Rosenau | Minneapolis, Minnesota

We can’t get enough of Kristin Rosenau’s rustic approach to pastry. The self-taught baker and high school science teacher doesn’t shy away from crumbs, rough edges, or imprecise cuts, and that is what makes her so accessible. While studying to get her master’s degree in astroparticle physics, baking became Kristin’s creative outlet, and Pastry Affair was born.

Photo courtesy Kristin Rosenau

For helpful hints on how to get mile-high biscuits and the best way to freeze cookie dough, check out the “Tips and Tricks” section in the recipe index. We’re especially fond of Kristin’s earthy fruit-filled galettes and tarts, and the girl is pretty handy with a blowtorch—see her Brûléed Lemon Tart.  

Facebook: Pastry Affair | Instagram:@pastryaffair | Twitter: @pastryaffair

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