9 Baking Bloggers to Follow

Photo courtesy Teresa Floyd

We’re always on the lookout for the new voices that inspire, inform, and influence the baking community. Featuring international bloggers from Australia and India as well as Stateside all-stars from Alabama and Missouri, we’ve rounded up nine blogging gurus that have the stunning photography, delicious recipes, and innovative ideas to keep you motivated for years to come.

Photo courtesy Timothy Floyd

The Midwest Explorer
Now, Forager    
Teresa Floyd | Kansas City, Missouri

Teresa Floyd offers striking images and vivid narrations on everything from quiet mornings roaming the countryside to adventures on a sheep dairy farmstead. You’ll easily get lost in Now, Forager—and be happy you did. A pastry chef turned freelance photographer and food writer, Teresa bakes with the seasons.

Photo courtesy Teresa Floyd

She’ll take you apple picking in a local orchard to bake fritters or stroll through the farmers’ market in search of the perfect batch of blackberries to douse in caramel for her lemon pots de crème (yep, you read that correctly). Whether it’s financiers, macarons, tartines, or tea cakes, Teresa doesn’t just explain why she loves a recipe. She demonstrates why you’ll love it, too.  

Instagram: @now_forager

Photo courtesy Hayden Steinbaugh

The Jack of All Baking Trades
Broma Bakery  
Sarah Fennel | Detroit, Michigan

What began seven years ago as a way for then-homesick college student Sarah Fennel to document her mom’s best baking recipes, Broma Bakery has grown into one of the most polished culinary blogs on the web. Sarah, who now works on the blog full-time, photographs all her food in natural light from her tiny kitchen/studio.

Photo courtesy Sarah Fennel

Easy to navigate with a clean, crisp aesthetic, Broma Bakery offers a wide range of recipes from breads and baked breakfast goods to cookies and even a whole section for doughnuts. From Sarah’s carrot cake spiced with cardamom and coated in ginger frosting and a caramel drizzle to her banana bread made with browned butter and a bourbon-fig swirl, you may start drooling just from looking at the screen.

Facebook: Broma Bakery | Instagram: @bromabakery | Snapchat: sarahfennell

Photo courtesy Julia Calleo

The Recipe Renegade
My Lavender Blues  
Julia Calleo | St. Louis, Missouri

My Lavender Blues packs in the action. With breathtaking, dramatic photography, Julia Calleo makes you feel like you’re right there in the kitchen with her, pouring a glaze over old-fashioned doughnuts or slicing into a batch of fudgy brownies. Set against the backdrop of her dark and moody photography, Julia’s voice is clever and jovial.

Photo courtesy Julia Calleo

The insatiable sweet tooth quotes Sir-Mix-A-Lot when writing on Bundt cakes and claims “a pastry a day keeps the bacteria away.” Just try not to crack a smile when visiting My Lavender Blues—it can’t be done. Don’t miss out on her brunch recipes; the Upside Down Apple Dutch Baby Pancake topped with whipped goat cheese and homemade granola is a must.

Facebook: My Lavender Blues | Instagram: @mylavenderblues | Twitter: @mylavenderblue | Snapchat: jcalleo

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