A Taste of Provence

Taste of Provence charcuterie

Springtime in the South of France means rose all day and lingering feasts al fresco in our Taste of Provence. Whether you make this entire meal—and we suggest you do—or just zero in on a few favorites, we promise youll be itching for your own boules court by dessert.

  1. Poached Leeks with Eggs and Shallot Vinaigrette

With our quick-poach method, the leeks melt to tender in only a few minutes. Soft-boiled eggs and a bit of toasted hazelnut complement the shallot vinaigrette and add rich texture


2. Spring Herb Quiche with Roasted Shallots and Cipollini Onions

Roasted shallots have a sweet, mellow flavor and become the star of any recipe.

3. Aïoli

This time of year, especially around Easter, aïoli is the essential condiment. Typically you’ll find this Provençal sauce served on a platter with shrimp, boiled potatoes, green beans, bright spring radishes, and any other produce fresh from the market. These bountiful platters are known as a Grand Aïoli. No southern French feast is complete without one.

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