A Taste of Provence

4. Grilled Lamb Chops with Herb Chimichurri

These grilled lamb chops have a slight char, yet remain tender if cooked to the proper temperature. We recommend serving them medium rare with our Herb Chimichurri that you can whip up in minutes.

5. Celeriac Salad

This bistro classic slaw typically uses rémoulade as a dressing, but we have used our Aïoli as the base here.

6. Star Anise Sparkler 

The French love their pastis, an aperitif that tastes of licorice. It’s a flavor you love or hate. We’ve created a riff on this easy-drinking cocktail that uses a Star Anise Simple Syrup to sweetly highlight the classic aniseed flavors, without the bitterness.

Tarte au Citron with Pine Nut Crust

7. Tarte Au Citron with Pine Nut Crust

Rosemary adds a subtle savory note behind the sweetness of this tarte au citron, while the punch of Meyer lemon perfectly complements the mellow flavor of roasted pine nuts.

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