All-American Gins

All-American Gin

We asked Paul Calvert of Atlanta’s Ticonderoga Club to share his picks for the best gins made all across the States and here’s what he told us. Paul has been a driving force behind Atlanta’s rejuvenated and constantly growing cocktail culture. When you’re ready to mix a drink, try Paul’s Late Matinee. Looking for a cheesy go-with? Try these Parmesan Sablés.

Ethereal Gin, Berkshire Mountain Distillers (Massachusetts)

“Ethereal is actually a different gin every year. Chris Weld changes the botanical recipe each time he distills so the resulting gin is true to its name. Lately Chris has been on a tear and last year’s Batch 12 was his best yet: full of bright notes of lemongrass with an almost chile-spice finish. It’s perfect in a Gimlet, my favorite gin sour. Go get a bottle before it’s on to Batch 13.” 

Death’s Door Gin, Death’s Door Spirits (Wisconsin)

“Distilled from local winter wheat grown near the distillery, Death’s Door is full-bodied and English in style, with loads of juniper up front, and dry mint and anise in the finish. This gin is as solid in a Gin-and-Tonic as it is in a Martinez. If any American gin wears a tuxedo and plays roulette, it’s Death’s Door.” 

Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin, Leopold Bros Distillers (Colorado)

“I’ll admit it: At first I was skeptical about a gin bottled at only 40% alcohol. Thankfully, it was love at first sip. Todd Leopold’s first gin is a textbook example of the so-called American Style—full of fresh citrus (orange, Meyer lemon, pomelo)— a perfect apéritif gin. Should a friend claim that gin isn’t meant to be sipped, hand them a slug of this over ice with an orange twist. Also, excellent in a Negroni.”

Bimini Gin, Round Turn Distilling (Maine)

“A new gin from Southern Maine that’s built on a simple profile of fresh hops and grapefruit zest. The result is bright and somewhat tropical, with a finish that shows soft dried tea-like botanicals, namely bergamot and chamomile. It’s killer with fresh citrus and pineapple.” 

Terroir Gin, St. George Spirits (California)

“Terroir is one of three beautiful gins from Lance Winters and his team at St. George, all worth real estate in a home bar. Of the three, I like Terroir the best for its full palate weight and aggressive flavor profile. Fresh pine. Wet cedar. Wild sage. Not a gin for people who don’t like Christmas trees, but if you don’t like Christmas trees, what the hell are you doing drinking gin? This gin would make Proust swoon, and is amazing in a Tom Collins.” 

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