As Sweet As Pie: Our Favorite Pie Picks

Meyer Lemon & Blueberry Pie
Meyer Lemon & Blueberry Pie

Creamy and custard-filled or tart and loaded with fruit, you can never go wrong with a good pie. From a fragrant Meyer Lemon & Blueberry Pie and our tangy update on chess pie to satsuma-filled hand pies and soft banana slices in a toffee pie filling, look to these favorite pie picks the next time you want to conquer your next pie-baking conquest.

Buttermilk Sheet Pan Pie
1. Buttermilk Sheet Pan Pie

For our tangy update on chess pie, we cut the custardy sweetness with a burst of lemon flavor and a dash of nutmeg. For the finishing touch, dust a soft, snowy layer of confectioners’ sugar over the top for a simple, rustic look.

Key Lime Pie

2. Key Lime Pie 

Our take on the beloved original key lime pie features a salty sweet crust and intense lime flavor thanks to a cup of juice from this pie’s tiny namesake citrus. Find more custard-filled pies in our Pies & Tarts Special Issue

3. Banoffee Pie 

This British pie import has been thoroughly absorbed into American tradition. With the winning combination of ripe bananas, sticky toffee, and whipped cream, it’s not hard to see why.

Orange Blossom Vanilla Brown Sugar Pie

4. Orange Blossom Vanilla Brown Sugar Pie

Orange blossom water offers light, floral flavor, while a crisp brûlée topping lends a crunchy texture to the custard filling in this elegant pie. For more custard-filled pies, order our Artisan Pies & Tarts Special Issue!  

Meyer Lemon & Blueberry Pie

5. Meyer Lemon & Blueberry Pie

Fragrant Meyer lemons are the heart and soul of our tart lemon curd, brightening the natural sweetness of ripe blueberries. 

6. Coconut Hand Pies 

For these decadent hand pies, we encase a creamy coconut filling with flaky pastry dough and finish it off with a drizzle of melted chocolate. Find more hand pies in our Artisan Pies & Tarts Special Issue, here

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