Back to Basics: Our Best Classic Cakes

6. Vanilla Bean Angel Food Cake

Simplicity says it all in this heavenly tasting classic Angel Food Cake that fills the kitchen with the rich, pure scent of vanilla as it bakes.

Devil’s Food Cake

7. Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate-Buttermilk Frosting

This sinfully delicious recipe featuring moist, airy layers of cake coated in fluffy swoops of chocolate buttercream works well for any occasion year-round.

Classic Pound Cake

8. Classic Pound Cake

Dense and decadent, this elegant yet simple Classic Pound Cake recipe transforms butter, flour, and sugar into slices of perfection.

9. Caramel Cake 

There are many versions of this showstopper. Ours features a delectable golden-butter cake blanketed in a rich caramelized frosting. 

10. Old-Fashioned Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet is the movie star of the cake world—rich and unique with a visual flair that attracts every eye in the room. Who knew a simple cream cheese frosting could be so glamorous?

11. Italian Cream Cake 

Finished with crunchy walnuts, this classic Italian Cream Cake is one of our most beloved heirloom cakes. 

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