Bake Breakfast for Mom

Coffee Cake

5. Browned Butter Hummingbird Coffee Cake 

This is your best excuse for having cake for breakfast. Browned butter adds depth to this unexpected twist on the classic Southern banana-pineapple confection. Pecan streusel is just, well, the icing on the coffee cake.

6. Zucchini Banana Bread 

Zucchini brings extra moisture to this classic quick bread, making for a more tender crumb than you’d find in standard banana bread. A medley of warm spices complement both the banana and summer squash beautifully.

English Muffins

7. Traditional English Muffins 

Though often seen as the perfect base for eggs Benedict, this stalwart classic works as a wholesome breakfast all on its own. Try one toasted with butter and honey or with a slather of tart marmalade. With our straightforward and tasty recipe at your disposal, your days of buying English muffins will be numbered. Look to this visual guide when dividing, rolling, and shaping your dough. 

Raspberry-Buttermilk Coffee Cake

8. Raspberry-Buttermilk Coffee Cake

A layer of sweet raspberry jam ribbons through this tender buttermilk cake. Don’t be surprised if the scent draws a crowd before it’s even out of the oven.

9. Rhubarb-Ginger Muffins with Rhubarb-Vanilla Bean Streusel

We love the tiny bursts of red that diced rhubarb brings to this tender treat’s batter. Ginger lends just the right amount of kick, and a vanilla bean streusel topping packs the perfect crunch. 

Photography and Styling by Mason + Dixon / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Ben Mims

10. Coconut and Earl Grey Scones 

For Ben Mims, food writer and cookbook author’s Coconut and Earl Grey Scones, floral notes of orange and bitter black tea pair well with the rich aroma of coconut in these scones with the tea blended right inside. Even though pieces of coconut, milk, and oil are used here, the subtle flavor of coconut needs the boost of extract for its full flavor to come through. The coconut sugar sprinkled on top is too savory to use as the sweetener in the scones, but it offers the perfect amount of crunch and toasted coconut aroma when sprinkled on top. If you can’t find coconut sugar, you can use granulated or light brown sugar instead.


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