Bake the World Sweeter: Announcing This Year’s Lineup of the Williams Sonoma + No Kid Hungry Spatulas!

No Kid Hungry

This marks the 10th anniversary of Williams Sonoma and No Kid Hungry’s philanthropic partnership, a miraculous match between two great organizations to support one fabulous cause. Since its inception in 2010, No Kid Hungry has worked with schools, community groups, and local organizations to ensure that every child in need has access to nutritious meals. Through supplementing existing breakfast, lunch, and after-school programs, No Kid Hungry allows more children to receive the food they need to thrive. During the summer months, No Kid Hungry sets up free meal sites so that children who typically rely on school nutrition have somewhere to go for food when school is not in session.

When the pandemic hit, No Kid Hungry quickly pivoted to ensure that kids continued to receive the meals they needed. Since March 2020, No Kid Hungry has deployed over $80 million in emergency grants to schools and communities across all 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. To keep doing the work that is necessary, partners like Williams-Sonoma, Inc. stepped up and provided incredible support during a challenging time. In 2020 alone, the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. family of brands raised over $3 million for No Kid Hungry— enough to provide up to 30 million meals— by donating a percentage of the retail price of special products, including the famous celebrity-designed spatulas, to No Kid Hungry and encouraging their customers to make their own donations, too.

This partnership has been an incredible success since it began, and this year’s campaign is as wonderful as the last have been. The lineup of spatula artists this year, from Brian Hart Hoffman to Tabitha Brown, is amazing and joins a long line of celebrity philanthropists who are signature to the program. “I couldn’t be more excited for this year’s campaign,” says Billy Shore, cofounder of No Kid Hungry’s parent organization Share Our Strength. “The Williams Sonoma team always exceeds expectations, and that translates directly into more kids getting the healthy food they need. We are so grateful for everything they have done since this partnership began.”

Without further ado, discover the new spatulas and the all-star people who inspired them.

Brian Hart Hoffman

HOW YOU KNOW HIM: The editor-in-chief of Bake from Scratch magazine has been baking up a storm since the founding of the magazine in 2015. Recently, Brian has hosted the virtual Williams Sonoma Baking School, a weekly series for home bakers.

THE DESIGN: On Brian’s spatula, you’ll find perfectly golden croissant crescents, the epitome of perfect patisserie. For the two tea towels, you can expect one with the classic croissant and one with another American classic: the crisp crusted apple pie and cheery red apples.

WHY HE DOES IT: “There is no room for me to be in the global baking community without also being fully committed to the mission of ending childhood hunger.”

Gaby Dalkin

HOW YOU KNOW HER: The woman behind the culinary and lifestyle brand What’s Gaby Cooking, Gaby Dalkin offers her followers a taste of sunshine and fresh produce from her home in Los Angeles, California. Gaby recently released a new line of seasoning blends, pasta sauces, and infused olive oils through Williams Sonoma.

THE DESIGN: Featuring cute, hand- drawn depictions of some of her favorite foods, Gaby’s avocado and chocolate chip cookie prints are offered as mini spatulas while the pizza print is featured on a hand towel and a regular sized spatula.

WHY SHE DOES IT: “As a new mom, I’m even MORE aware of childhood hunger in America. I’m thrilled to be supporting No Kid Hungry for the third year in a row with this Williams Sonoma collab so we can help raise money to end childhood hunger in America.”

Tabitha Brown

HOW YOU KNOW HER: A social media phenomenon, Tabitha Brown is the infinitely relatable voice behind her brand, I Am Tabitha Brown. Millions of followers tune in to her vegan cooking programs on TikTok and Facebook Live. As a brand ambassador for Whole Foods, Tabitha travels the country demoing new products for the home baker and cook.

THE DESIGN: Featuring both her catch phrase, “Like So Lake That,” and her gorgeous hair in silhouette, Tabitha’s spatula is instantly recognizable as a piece of her personality presented on the most versatile of kitchen utensils.

WHY SHE DOES IT: “Children are our future, so it is our responsibility to keep their bellies and souls fed.”

Kevin Curry

HOW YOU KNOW HIM: The fitness influencer and creator behind the brand Fit Men Cook, Kevin Curry has been inspiring cooks to make healthier, tastier meals since 2012. As well as offering a line of artisan spices and teas, Kevin released his first cookbook, Fit Men Cook, in 2018.

THE DESIGN: Sporting a bright red seeded watermelon with an “Eat Happy!” message, Kevin’s spatula highlights his love of healthy yet divinely satisfying food.

WHY HE DOES IT: “Growing up, food did more than nourish my body; it nourished my soul. When mom and dad made food, they did it with love and care. Even today, each time I make a recipe, I realize it’s a chance to show love to my body or express my love to others. I hope that whoever ends up owning my spatula values the opportunity that cooking food brings, especially when it’s tied to such an important and timely cause as combating childhood hunger. So, eat happy. Live well. And end childhood hunger.”

Molly Yeh

HOW YOU KNOW HER: Molly Yeh is the writer behind the food blog my name is yeh, which first launched in 2009. Her brand has since expanded to include two cookbooks and the hit Food Network TV show, Girl Meets Farm.

THE DESIGN: Molly’s spatula and tea towel are adorned with multicolored apples and hearts, signifying her love of the naturally sweet ingredient. Another tea towel features a whimsical blend of stars, ice cream, sprinkles, and a few other of her favorite things.

WHY SHE DOES IT: “Some of my favorite things to do with my daughter, Bernie, are pick apples, bake with apples, sing about apples, and, of course, eat apples! As a mom, it is so important to me that Bernie has access to delicious and nutritious food, and it is my hope that through this partnership with No Kid Hungry, every child can have access to good healthy food.”

Derek Hough

HOW YOU KNOW HIM: This expert ballroom dancer is one of the winningest professional instructors in the show Dancing with the Stars’ history, winning six Mirror Ball Trophies. Transitioning to the judge’s chair these past two seasons, Derek has also won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography.

THE DESIGN: Derek’s spatula is a perfectly choreographed mix of red-lined triangles, a graphic design that calls to mind retro pop art.

WHY HE DOES IT: “I know I can’t be at my best with an empty stomach. The same thing is true with kids. How can we expect kids to do their best and succeed without the fuel they need? I hope my spatula is a reminder that ending childhood hunger is far more than just filling an empty stomach. By making sure no kid goes hungry, you’re helping kids be the best they can be every day and fueling their futures.”

Bobby Flay

HOW YOU KNOW HIM: This Food Network star and frequent Iron Chef America victor is known for his fiery competitive spirit and cooking with bold Southwest flavors. Entering the pet food ring, Bobby has started his own cat food brand, Made by Nacho, which is a healthy cat food inspired by his feline companion, Nacho.

THE DESIGN: On Bobby’s spatula, Nacho Flay, Bobby’s adorable orange-and-white Maine coon, contemplates a dinner of chicken or fish, his two favorite proteins.

WHY HE DOES IT: “I’m thrilled to be part of Williams Sonoma’s creative spatula line-up again, and I couldn’t help but find inspiration for this spatula design from my cat, Nacho Flay. Nacho founded his own cat food company this year called ‘Made By Nacho’ and is doing his part to be sure his fellow felines across the US are well fed. He’d be honored to know he has a part in contributing to No Kid Hungry’s amazing efforts to feed kids in need across the US, too. Thanks so much for including us.”

Tamron Hall

HOW YOU KNOW HER: The award-winning talk show host is a TODAY show alum and currently helms the Emmy-winning show Tamron Hall. In October, Tamron will add author to her many titles with the release of her debut novel, As the Wicked Watch.

THE DESIGN: Tamron’s spatula proclaims a clever visual food pun, “Let’s Taco ‘Bout It,” with an emoji-style smiling taco.

WHY SHE DOES IT: “Food is essential; it brings people together, and the best memories are made around tables of food. But that’s not the reality for millions of kids. I know what it’s like to grow up in a family struggling to make ends meet, and it’s heartbreaking to know that’s what so many families are going through right now. That’s why I’m proud to support No Kid Hungry and hope with my spatula, you’ll join me in building a brighter future for our nation’s kids. Just one hungry child is one too many.”

Tiny Chef

HOW YOU KNOW HIM: As the star of the smash stop-motion TV show on Nickelodeon, The Tiny Chef, Tiny Chef teaches children how to cook from his winsome home, a garden tree stump. Despite his small stature, Tiny Chef is devoted to bringing the next generation of bakers into the kitchen, a place where everyone is welcome to express their creativity.

THE DESIGN: On his assortment of tea towels and mini spatulas, you can find the Tiny Chef in all his green glory as well as his signature vibrant stripes that accompany his show’s logo.

WHY HE DOES IT: “I made dis shpatuwa for ballll my tiny fwens out der who need a wittle help. Even da tiniesht acts of wuv can caush a huge change. Pweeze shupport No Kidsh Hungwy!”

Hilary Duff

HOW YOU KNOW HER: Once known as the charismatic lead of Disney’s Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff has inspired another generation with her role in Younger and her entrepreneurial ventures in cosmetics and fashion. Set to star in the upcoming show How I Met Your Father, Hilary published her first children’s book, My Little Brave Girl, in March.

THE DESIGN: Hilary’s spatula has a beautiful modern art vibe, with soothing mellow pinks, greens, and blues punctuated by a bright pop of yellow.

WHY SHE DOES IT: “Kids deserve to be kids and live out their wildest imaginations and dreams, without struggle or the worry of a hungry belly. When I look at my three kids, it breaks my heart to know there are millions of kids out there who live with hunger. I hope my spatula inspires you to live out your passion and creativity in the kitchen and is a reminder that you’re helping kids across the country do the same. When kids have access to three meals a day, they can dream big, and the possibilities are endless.”



Visit Williams Sonoma’s website or your local Williams Sonoma store to purchase these spatulas and tea towels. Visit to learn more about the organization and how you can help through donations, bake sales, and more!



This year, Williams Sonoma is asking for your help to pick their SPATDOWN WINNER! The winner will have an additional $5,000 donated to No Kid Hungry in their name and of course, bragging rights for winning this year’s competition. Cast Your Vote Here!

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