Baked Goods for the Fourth of July

Don’t let the fireworks steal the show this Independence Day. We’ve compiled our most festive baked goods as a sweet salute to our nation’s Star-Spangled Banner for your July 4th celebration. From cobbler to cakes to tarts and more, these recipes pack the patriotic punch that would do the founding fathers proud.

  1. Blueberry-Almond Galettes 

Almond flour is finer than standard all-purpose. It absorbs more moisture from the dough, giving the buttermilk crusts of these Blueberry-Almond Galettes added crispness. A hint of tart lemon zest balances out the sweetness of the blueberries.

2. Strawberry Raspberry Cobbler 

Traditional only in method, this Strawberry Raspberry Cobbler has a Middle Eastern flare with cardamom and rosewater. This cobbler made with cake batter soaks up the fruit’s flavorful juices as it bakes and develops a light, spongy crumb. Pistachios create a slightly crunchy texture that pairs well with the tender baked fruit. For more on cobblers, crisps, slumps, grunts, and buckles, check out our July/August issue

Coconut Skillet Cake

3. Coconut Skillet Cake 

Perfumed with coconut extract, swirled with silky whipped cream, and studded with sweetened coconut flakes, this Coconut Skillet Cake is the perfect finale to any meal. The coconut lover in your life is about to be your biggest fan.

Grilled Browned Butter Pound Cake with Berries

4. Grilled Browned Butter Pound Cake with Berries 

Grilled cake? Oh yes. Lightly toasting slices of this browned butter-scented confection adds a sweet caramelized crunch to this pound cake while fresh berries add welcome color and fresh, tart flavor. 

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