Baking Retreats

Bakers, pack your bags! Our trips bring together a global community of bakers through custom curriculums led by some of the most inspiring professionals in the baking world. Whether you’re making sourdough bread in San Francisco, scones in London, or shaping croissants in Paris, our editor-in-chief, Brian Hart Hoffman, will accompany you through each experience, teaming up with master bakers to help you perfect every recipe that comes along. We’ll be your guides to our destinations’ thriving cultural and culinary scenes, taking you on exclusive tours and tastings, arranging meet and greets with renowned baking personalities, and more.

Because of our small group sizes, you’ll be able to connect like never before with professional bakers from around the world in intimate, hands-on learning opportunities. After we’ve said goodbye, you’ll return home richer in memories, friends, and experiences.

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Birmingham, Alabama
August 11–14, 2021
$399.00 – $3,000.00

  • Hotel accommodations in Birmingham
  • All baking classes
  • Welcome wine reception, daily lunch, group dinner Friday evening
  • Private coach transfer to/from group dinner on Friday evening
  • Airfare/travel to Birmingham
  • Airport transfers
  • Some meals

London and Cambridge, England
September 17–September 24, 2021
$6,500.00 – $8,500.00

  • Hotel accommodations in London and Cambridge
  • Breakfast daily at hotels in London and Cambridge
  • Private coach transfers to/from all retreat activities and to/from Cambridge
  • All baking classes at Leiths School of Food and Wine, Cambridge Cookery, and guided tour of Borough Market
  • Welcome wine reception in London, afternoon tea at the Milestone Hotel, dinner in Cambridge, closing wine reception at the Milestone Hotel, lunch at Leiths School of Food and Wine and Cambridge Cookery
  • Airfare/travel to London
  • Airport transfers
  • Some meals

Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 20–24, 2021  SOLD OUT
October 24–28, 2021  SOLD OUT

$2,850.00 – $3,350.00

  • Hotel accommodations in Minneapolis
  • All baking classes
  • Bakery tour and Nordic Ware tour
  • Welcome wine reception, daily lunch, group dinner Saturday evening
  • Private coach transfer to/from all retreat activities
  • Airfare/travel to Minneapolis
  • Airport transfers
  • Some meals

Paris, France
December 3–7, 2021 SOLD OUT
December 7–11, 2021 SOLD OUT

  • Hotel accommodations in Paris
  • Breakfast daily at hotel in Paris
  • Private coach transfers to/from all scheduled afternoon retreat activities
  • All baking classes at La Cuisine Paris
  • Welcome wine reception, scheduled afternoon holiday experiences, light lunch each day La Cuisine Paris
  • Airfare/travel to Paris
  • Airport transfers
  • Some meals