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Baking class is officially in session! Here for both the seasoned pro and beginning baker, Bake from Scratch brings you Baking School In-Depth, an educational series that delivers recipes, invaluable baking lessons, and visual tutorials straight to your inbox every month. Created to empower the home baker, Baking School In-Depth brings the classroom to your kitchen to help you conquer recipes you never thought were possible.

Baking is truly an art, a combination of both expertly combined ingredients and technique. For success in the kitchen, it’s crucial to master essential baking techniques, but also understand the ingredients you’re working with. Each month, bakers will receive a baking lesson with a corresponding ingredient breakdown, tutorial, and step-by-step images that demonstrate every technique used in the recipe. As you bake your way through each lesson, you’ll accumulate a vast array of skills—from bread to pastry to cake—and graduate as a stronger, more well-rounded home baker armed with better baking knowledge and a collection of epic recipes.

The best part? Baking School In-Depth is free! We’ve even created a Facebook group where you can share your bakes and join the Bake from Scratch baking community (linked here).

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Williams Sonoma and Bake from Scratch present: Baking School

Join Baking School with Williams Sonoma + Bake from Scratch for live baking workshops featuring a deep-dive into each month’s recipe.


January: Egg Custard Tarts
February: Opera Cake
March: Hot Cross Buns
April: Pavlova
May: Japanese Milk Bread
June: Black Forest Cake
July: Bublanina
August: Churros
September: Kiev Cake
October: Pan de Muerto
November: Danish
December: Linzer Torte




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Chocolate cake, but make it sophisticated. Our Chocolate Olive Oil Cake is made with an olive oil stir-together batter that has polished cocoa notes complemented by a deep, dark ganache frosting. Dutch process cocoa enhances the rich flavor of this all-time favorite. Find the recipe at the link in our profile or search our website for "olive oil".

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Happy 4th of July! Need a delicious treat for your patriotic celebrations? Try these Roasted Berry Shortcakes!

In case you missed our Baking School with @williamssonoma last week, we created a patriotic edition of our latest #BakingSchoolInDepth module. The base of the shortcake is our Buttermilk Bar Doughnut. Then we split the glazed doughnut and added a Sweetened Whipped Cream and topped it all off with the juiciest roasted blueberries and strawberries. It's the perfect red, white, and blue treat for celebrating Independence Day! Get the recipe at the link in our profile!

We will have a break from Baking School this week, but the rest of July's classes are epic - Freefrom Galettes, Tomato Pie, and Jam-Filled Desserts. Not to mention what's coming in August! Keep a look out for our class schedule or check our stories for more details. 

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In-Depth Module is out and this one is sure to please all chocolate lovers!

Say hello to our Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake. This bake is full of layers of cake and White Chocolate Filling, surrounded by a rich chocolate mousse, and topped off with a mirror glaze. Each bite is pure decadence! 

Each Baking School In-Depth lesson has a complete step-by-step guide where our test kitchen professionals show and explain each step of the process to ensure that you can create this masterpiece at home. Be sure to join us on Monday, August 8 at 8pm ET for our Baking School with williamssonoma. In this class, brianharthoffman will demonstrate each step and answer all of your baking questions. 

See our stories for more!

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While tomorrow is Halloween, we are preparing for all the Thanksgiving baking! Our first Baking School with @williamssonoma in November will be a part of our newest Baking School In Depth module - yummy Yeasted Angel Biscuits with @brianharthoffman. This class will also have this perfect Pear Fritter Loaf with @brookembell.  Two recipes that will round out your holiday menu! 

You can watch live on Monday night or each class is recorded so you watch on your schedule. Perfect for making your menu planning easy. 

Register for our November 7 class at the link in our stories and join us for a great night of baking, learning, and always a ton of laughs!

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Our newest Baking School In-Depth Module is here and it’s all about the best flavors of fall!

This month, we are giving into all the fall feels and celebrating with fall’s favorite fruit, the apple. For our autumnally inspired twist on the classic whoopie pie, we incorporated apple pie spice and Homemade Boiled Cider into our cookies and added tangy cream cheese to our buttercream filling. The result is a sweetly spiced sensational Apple Cider Whoopie Pie, sure to be a star all autumn long.

Each of our Baking School In-Depth lesson has a complete step-by-step guide where our test kitchen professionals demonstrate and explain each step of the process to ensure that you can create this masterpiece at home. Be sure to join us on Monday, October 17 at 8pm ET for our Baking School with @williamssonoma. In this class, @brianharthoffman will be sharing this recipe alongside Amanda Rettke of @iambaker, who’s bringing her own delicious and spooky twist to whoopie pies, Black Velvet Whoopie Pies. This is one you won’t want to miss!

Get the link to this new recipe in our stories! 
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Packed with dried @valleyfig figs and fresh apples, this Fig and Apple Dapple Bundt cake embraces fall! Join us for Baking School with @williamssonoma tomorrow night for all things Bundt! @brianharthoffman will be demonstrating our newest Baking School In-Depth module. Each class will come with a complete Baking School In-Depth lesson that features an ingredient breakdown as well as how-to photos. We also will have special guest @abrowntable! Nik will join to share a Chocolate Miso Bread Pudding from his newest book, The Flavor Equation.

Join us for a night of fun baking! Registration information is linked in our stories.

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Who is ready for fall baking? This recipe is a vintage favorite with some serious fall charm - our Fig and Apple Dapple Bundt Cake.  Deliciously tender and rich, this cake is full of chopped apples, pecans, spices, and California Dried Mission Figs from @valleyfig. Don’t forget the caramel sauce that soaks in and is drizzled over the cake, adding rich, gooey texture to each bite. Bursting with rich notes of caramel, spice, and sweet fall fruits, this beautifully dappled cake will be the perfect warm, cozy finish to any autumn day. 

Want more Bundt fun? Join us for Baking School with @williamssonoma on Monday, September 12. @brianharthoffman will be demonstrating this recipe and answering all your Bundt-based questions! 

Get more information in our stories!

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Have you seen our newest Baking School In-Depth module? This Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake is an epic entremet - each layer a beautiful masterpiece! It starts with rich cake layers separated by a white chocolate filling. Then, a creamy mousse covers the cake in a smooth shell. Lastly, we topped with a mirror glaze.

Join @brianharthoffman for Baking School with @williamssonoma tomorrow night! As a part of the Baking School In-Depth program, you’ll receive a full lesson packet, complete with how-to photos to help you master techniques. Come to class for a fun-filled baking lesson and baking tips! 

See our stories to register for class!

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