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July: Tomato Pie
August: Tres Leches
September: Apple Dapple Bundt Cake
October: Whoopie Pie
November: Buttermilk Biscuits
December: Kringle



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I’ve waited patiently until October 1st to bring out the pumpkins because this is the official start of fall for me. These pumpkin muffins from A Good Bake by melissafunkweller made the house smell so good. They’re really just a perfect muffin that I will definitely want to bake again. I had to sub half AP flour and half bobsredmill whole wheat flour for whole wheat pastry flour and used golden raisins instead of black.  They still turned out incredibly moist and tender. 

I initiated my new to me and extremely vintage muffin pan. I found this while on vacation this summer in a senior thrift store. The woman ringing it up looked at me like I was crazy to pay what it was marked for an old grungy pan. Without asking she knocked $5 off the price. I recently saw it for sale online for almost six times what I paid for it. Who’s crazy now? Also experimenting with this new IPhone 13 Pro camera. I usually use a DSLR, but I have to admit this is a pretty great phone camera with a whopping three lenses. 

A Good Bake is the Sep/Oct baking book for #rainydaybitescookbookclub. 
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After all the variations of chocolate chip cookies I’ve had in my life it’s good to know I can still be surprised by a new combination. I baked up the Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies this weekend from The Milk Street Cookbook 2017 to 2020 by cpkimball 177milkstreet. I haven’t met too many CCC I didn’t like, but these are definite front runners. I want to use this bobsredmill rye more. Should I bake some bread or just save it all for cookies? 🤔

I’m often a day early for these national food days like tomorrow’s #nationalchocolatechipcookieday . This is your notice to go turn the oven on and bake some cookies so you’ll be right on time. I’m also participating with cookinglikeimeanit and katyconstantlycooking for their #milkstreetcookalong happening every Tuesday. Thank you to voraciousbooks for the complimentary copy of The Milk Street Cookbook.
Good morning! Here's some gooey cookies to help get through the week! I love pulling them out of the oven a tad underbaked like this and letting them cool on the hot pan to make them the perfect texture! 👌

Happy reminder that voting begins TODAY at 11am PDT/ 2 pm EDT for greatestbaker ! I'm so excited for this competition but bummed that no judges get to try my bakes! Maybe someday in the future!😂 

I've updated my link in profile to take you directly to my voting page! I hope you'll follow along and help me advance in the competition! 😊

(BTW These are the Toasted Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies from displacedhousewife that she made with thebakefeed and bobsredmill ! They've become my very favorite cookie, I think about them all the time 🍪🍪)

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