by Brian Hart Hoffman

Our Editor-In-Chief’s ode to baking with length-cut bananas (let the shape shine!).

Baking with bananas is nothing new. With a natural sweetness and tender texture, this yellow fruit is a familiar friend in every baker’s kitchen. What recently caught our attention—and what we are celebrating here—is how bakers are showcasing bananas. Baking length-cut bananas into the top of a baked good not only honors the fruit’s natural shape, but also gives your treat a unique look without sacrificing any flavor. Take a peek at the baking blogosphere or scroll through Instagram. You can’t miss this gorgeous trend: bakers everywhere are going bananas for bananas (sorry, I had to), and we are no exception.

From the time I was a child, my mom has been making homemade Bananas Foster for me at special occasions, so we let that inspire the flavor for our glorious upside-down cake that touts three bananas baked into an ultra-moist cake and coated in thick caramelized sugar. Whether in bread or as an upside-down cake, you can’t deny the beauty in several lengthy banana slices spanning the surface of your baked good. I have a feeling that this trend is here to stay. 

Join the obsession by baking these two recipes. 

  1. Zucchini Banana Bread 

Zucchini brings extra moisture to this classic quick bread, making for a more tender crumb than you’d find in standard banana bread. A medley of warm spices complement both the banana and summer squash beautifully.

2. Banana Upside-Down Cake with Walnuts and Coconut 

If you’re a fan of Bananas Foster, then this ultra-moist cake will be your upside-down dream come true. Coconut flakes and cream of coconut lend a tropical vibe and subtle nutty flavor. 


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