Our Best 9×13 Desserts

Peach Almond Cake

Rev your 9×13 pan to full throttle with our elevated, crowd-pleasing desserts. The dependable pan most often used for brownies and sheet cakes finds new life as the base for our jam bars, tahini- and cardamom-scented shortbreads, dreamy orange custard slice, and more. These are the showstopping, generously portioned desserts that prove practical can still be pretty.

  1. Peach Almond Cake

Fresh, juicy peach halves give this vanilla and buttermilk Peach Almond Cake bursts of color and concentrated sweet-tart flavor, while the addition of brandy to the homemade marzipan lends just the right amount of kick.

2. Texas Sheet Cake

The reigning king of all sheet cakes, this easy Texas Sheet Cake is a chocoholic’s dream. A rich, fudgy cake cloaked in warm chocolate frosting with a sprinkling of pecans for added crunch? Yes, please!

3. Blackberry Jam Bars

Grating then freezing this dough before baking creates little air pockets that give the bars a crumbly texture, which contrasts nicely with the smooth jam center. Give these a generous dusting of confectioners’ sugar, and serve right out of your 9×13.

4. Oversized Honey Ricotta Strudel

We opted for a creamy honey topping, a thicker version of honey that, unlike liquid honey, contains a crystalline structure that makes it ideal for spreading. Bonus points? The pastry’s 13×9-inch shape allows you to get extravagant with the portions.

5. Orange Custard Bars

Sophisticated meets doable in this party go-to, a thick layer of creamy custard between two flaky sheets of homemade puff pastry. Dress it up with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

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