Babka Blowout: Our Best Babkas Of All Time

Cheesy Babka with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Since our very first issue in 2015 where we twirled up traditional babka, we’ve been fascinated by the Instagram-worthy swirls and incredible versatility of these twisted yeast breads. We’ve explored the endless possibilities these braided beauties have to offer, packing our recipes with everything from melty cheese to nutty praline. Our round up of our best babkas showcases both the classic and the creative.

  1. Praline Pecan Babka

Developed in the early 19th-century in New Orleans, pralines are creamy, cookie-size candies made of brown sugar, butter, and pecans. We commemorate the confection’s sweet nuttiness and melt-in-your mouth magic with a pillowy pecan-laden babka.

New Babka Obsession
Photography by Stephen DeVries

2. Strawberry Coconut Babka

Coconut flakes lend a delicate nuttiness to the sweet filling in this Strawberry Coconut Babka. We slather strawberry jam over the warm loaves post-bake.

White Chocolate-Tahini Babka
Photography and Styling by Mason + Dixon / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Ben Mims

3. White Chocolate Tahini Babka

Tahini and babka hail from the same area of the globe, so it’s only natural to marry them together in this sweet bread, perfect for breakfast or drenched in custard for a rich bread pudding. In Ben Mim’s (@benbmims) recipe, white chocolate doesn’t compete with the tahini but instead offers a smooth sweetness to balance the flavor, while orange zest delivers brightness to the heavy, sweet dough. 

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