Babka Blowout: Our Best Babkas Of All Time

5. Pumpkin Date Babka

This tightly woven Pumpkin Date Babka is visually impressive, and braiding the dough to create the design is easier than you think. The tender pumpkin bread is layered with spiraling waves of Date-Hazelnut Filling gently spiced with a dash of cardamom. We like slicing into the round like you would a pie and drizzling wedges with the tangy Crème Fraîche Honey Glaze before serving.

6. Blueberry Mascarpone Babka with Lemon Curd Glaze

Freeze-dried blueberries are a wonderful alternative to fresh berries, whose high water content makes them difficult to incorporate into this already wet dough. With a sweet berry swirl to echo summer’s haul, this Blueberry Mascarpone Babka is as bright as they come.

7. Cheesy Babka with Sun-dried Tomatoes

This cheesy babka has the flavor palate of a grown-up pizza, with rich ripples of cheese and chopped sun-dried tomatoes balanced out by the mild herbaceous notes of basil.


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