Our Best Recipes Of 2018

Ring in the New Year with our best recipes of 2018! We’re doing a recap of your year in baking. In March, you got back to basics with us, baking our all-American Peanut Butter Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting. In July, black cocoa starred in some of your most nostalgic recipes, like our homemade take on Oreo cookies. September saw the rise of the Dutch oven bread with our multigrain boule. And in December, our Cranberry-Hazelnut Coffee Cake was the go-to holiday comfort food. This wouldn’t have been the exciting year it was if it weren’t for you, our wonderful readers and subscribers. Here’s to 2018 and many more baked goods to come!

  1. Black Cocoa Sandwich Cookies

Just like the Oreo® sandwich cookies of your childhood—only bigger, better, and baked completely from scratch. Click here to get the low down on how to make these cookies so they turn out perfect every time!

2. Multigrain Dutch Oven Bread

A hearty trinity of rye, whole wheat, and bread flours forms a flavorful dough while oats and seeds become aromatic mix-ins and a crunchy topping.

Pineapple-Bourbon Pound Tart

3. Bourbon Pineapple Pound Tart

Pound cakes have long been relegated to large, deep pans—and for good reason: The heaviness of the cakes means they don’t rise much and need to “settle” into pans that already have structure in order to bake up well. But for this cake, cookbook author Ben Mims went with a large, deep tart pan to produce a sleek, slim wedge of cake that eats like a tart, complete with fluted edge and chunks of fresh fruit on top. Here, that fruit is pineapple, and the fresh chunks are a perfect complement to every Southerner’s favorite booze, bourbon, in both the tart and the glaze.

4. Conchas

To give our version of this Mexican sweet roll an even more tender, heightened pillowy texture than the traditional recipe, we enrich the dough with more butter and milk. The classic crunchy, sugary streusel topping takes these rolls to a whole new level of buttery sweetness.

Photography by Matt Armendariz / Styling and Recipe Development by Marian Cooper Cairns

5. Summer Berry Crumb Bars

To brighten up these picnic-perfect bars even more, we add fresh lime juice to the batter for a citrusy sweet-tart kick. Customize with your own mix of available farmers’ market berries or try pitted fresh cherries, too, for equally delicious results.

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