Better Baking Academy FAQ

What is the Better Baking Academy?

The Better Baking Academy is a one-year baking education series that will deliver custom recipes, invaluable baking lessons, and visual tutorials straight to your inbox every month from Bake from Scratch and Bob’s Red Mill.

How much does it cost to join the Better Baking Academy?

Access to the Better Baking Academy is free! Just sign up here and you’ll receive a new lesson and visual tutorial via email each month!

Do you have to be in the United States to sign up?

The Better Baking Academy is open to bakers around the globe and anyone can sign up to receive the monthly digital lessons and tutorials! Any prizes, swag, or promotional items, however, can only be physically mailed to those located within the Bob’s Red Mill United States and Canada distribution markets.

Is it too late to sign up for the Better Baking Academy?

Never! Enrollment is open throughout 2020 and those who sign up will have access to all past lessons and tutorials through the Bake from Scratch website.

How does the Better Baking Academy work?

At the start of each month, bakers will receive a custom baking lesson via email. Each module will feature a crave-worthy recipe with a corresponding tutorial and step-by-step images that break down every technique in the recipe.

Within a year, you’ll accumulate a vast array of skills—from bread to pastry to cake—and graduate as a stronger, more well-rounded home baker armed with knowledge and a collection of 12 epic recipes.

What is the curriculum for the Better Baking Academy?

Recipes will be announced at the beginning of each month. The themes are outlined below.

January: Your Do-It-All Dough

February: The Ultimate Brownie

March: Spring Macarons

April: Stir-Together Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

May: The Only Galette Your Summer Needs

June: Pizza for Easy Summer Entertaining

July: Summer Quick Bread

August: The Power of Flour in Chocolate Chip Cookies

September: Challah

October: Fall Danishes

November: Lattice Pie

December: Top 3 Most Popular Bake from Scratch Recipes, Made Gluten-Free

Do I have to use Bob’s Red Mill products?

For success in the kitchen, using premium flour is vital for creating delicious baked goods, but it’s also crucial to master some essential baking techniques. Each recipe for the Better Baking Academy was developed by the Bake from Scratch test kitchens utilizing Bob’s Red Mill products. Using them in your own kitchen will ensure you have the key ingredients for success through the Better Baking Academy.

If you have questions about the Better Baking Academy with Bob’s Red Mill, please use the form below:


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