Baking School In-Depth FAQ

Baking School In-Depth-receive free recipes and tutorials in your inbox each month

What is Baking School In-Depth?

The Baking School In-Depth is a one-year baking education series that will deliver custom recipes, invaluable baking lessons, and visual tutorials straight to your inbox every month from Bake from Scratch.

How much does it cost to join Baking School In-Depth?

Access to the Baking School In-Depth is free! Just sign up here and you’ll receive a new lesson and visual tutorial via email each month!

Do you have to be in the United States to sign up?

The Baking School In-Depth is open to bakers around the globe and anyone can sign up to receive the monthly digital lessons and tutorials! 

Is it too late to sign up for the Baking School In-Depth?

Never! Enrollment is open throughout the year and those who sign up will have access to all past lessons and tutorials through the Bake from Scratch website.

How does Baking School In-Depth work?

At the start of each month, bakers will receive a custom baking lesson via email. Each module will feature a crave-worthy recipe with a corresponding tutorial and step-by-step images that break down every technique in the recipe.

Within a year, you’ll accumulate a vast array of skills—from bread to pastry to cake—and graduate as a stronger, more well-rounded home baker armed with knowledge and a collection of 12 epic recipes.

What is the curriculum for Baking School In-Depth?

Recipes will be announced at the beginning of each month. The themes are outlined below.

January: Parker House Rolls

February: Texas Sheet Cake

March: Sourdough Boule

April: Chicago Style Pizza

May: New York Style Cheesecake

June: Buttermilk Bar Doughnuts

July: Tomato Pie

August: Tripe Chocolate Mousse Cake

September: Fig Apple Dapple Cake

October: Whoopie Pie

November: Buttermilk and Angel Biscuits

December: Kringle


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