Baking class is officially in session! Bake from Scratch and Bob’s Red Mill are teaming up to bring you our Better Baking Academy, a one-year, baking education series that will deliver custom recipes, invaluable baking lessons, and visual tutorials straight to your inbox every month. Created to empower the home baker, the Better Baking Academy with Bob’s Red Mill brings the classroom to your kitchen. Conquer recipes you never thought were possible.

Founded by Bob and Charlee Moore back in 1978, Bob’s Red Mill has been providing bakers with the highest-quality whole-grain flour for more than forty years. That’s why Bob’s is the official all-purpose flour of Bake from Scratch!

For success in the kitchen, using premium flour is vital for creating delicious baked goods. But it’s also crucial to master some essential baking techniques. Beginning in January 2020, we’re joining forces with Bob’s Red Mill to ensure you have both key ingredients for success through the Better Baking Academy. At the start of each month, bakers will receive a custom baking lesson. Each module will feature a crave-worthy recipe with a corresponding tutorial and step-by-step images that break down every technique in the recipe. Within a year, you’ll accumulate a vast array of skills—from bread to pastry to cake—and graduate as a stronger, more well-rounded home baker armed with knowledge and a collection of 12 epic recipes.

The best part? The Better Baking Academy is free! Plus, better baking skills won’t be your only perk. When you sign up, you’ll gain access to exclusive lessons and recipes from today’s top baking influencers, and you’ll even be able to enter to win a Bob’s Red Mill product every month through Instagram giveaways on @thebakefeed.

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July: Summer Focaccia

August: Three Ways with Oatmeal Cookies

September: English Muffins

October: Pumpkin Bagels

November: Pecan Hand Pies

December: Red Velvet Battenberg Cake


Better Baking Academy Bob's Red Mill presents : Conchas





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Buckle up! This Gluten Free Blueberry Cream Cheese Buckle wants to be your new favorite snack. 

Buckle is a simple cake with fruit mixed into it and topped with a streusel topping. They belong to the family of dough topped fruit desserts which include cobblers, grunts, crisps, betties, boy bait, slumps and pandowdies. Yes, there is a dessert called boy bait - it’s like a buckle but no streusel. 

This gluten free buckle has a layer of cream cheese filling in the middle to give it a little extra something. It’s Friday after all and we all can use a little something extra today. 

What’s your favorite fruit dessert?
Triple chocolate brownies with swirled strawberry preserves = absolute perfection and you can’t tell me otherwise. And what if I told you that chickpea flour seals the deal with amazing flavor and texture? Now you see why the Better Baking Academy with bobsredmill and thebakefeed is something you can and should do! Bonus: you can hop over to thebakefeed for an IGTV video (starring moi) and it will feel like we are baking together! Link in profile for sign up.
Got some spare time on your (clean) hands? Why not bake these AMAZING peanut butter brownies?!?!? katiebirdbakes got in on the Better Baking Academy with thebakefeed and bobsredmill and brought peanut butter to these chocolate studded brownies! Then I took things even further (as one does) by adding peanut butter chips (yes, they do exist) to mine! Link to her post in my profile. Happy baking everyone!
When we say “do-it-all dough”, we meant every dang thing you can think of. I have been craving Nutella lately, and I knew this dough would bake beautifully into the babka of my dreams... so here it is, Nutella Babka. If you haven’t signed up for our FREE Batter Baking Academy with bobsredmill and thebakefeed, then you don’t know how easy this Do-it-All Dough is. Also, check out the IGTV video in thebakefeed to watch me and la_crandall make this easy and delicious dough! Link to sign up in my profile!
A Foolproof Molten Chocolate Cake ♥️
Molten chocolate cakes are a delicious chocolate cake with a warm melted center that just oozes out and are one of my favorite desserts. This is a foolproof way to make these- you will ALWAYS get that melted center when you cut it. This dessert is any chocolate lover’s dream and rightfully so. The drama in this dessert of the chocolate flow is so worth it! Serve it with ice cream, whipped cream & berries to make it no less than a restaurant-level dessert, and wow everyone!

Recipe with a step by step video is on my website LINK IN BIO 

This dessert is in my top 3 desserts. An eggless version is already up on my website 🍫

Happy Baking! ♥️
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