potato buns

Everything Bagel Potato Buns

 Yeah, we said it. Pillowy-soft and crowned with the sensational everything bagel seasoning, these Everything...
strawberry brioche tarts

Strawberry Brioche Tarts

A hybrid between enriched bread and delicate pastry, brioche is the best of both worlds....

Sour Cream Fantails

A miniature pull-apart dream, these fantails pack tangy sour cream and bright green onion flavor...

Cinnamon-Swirled Banana Loaf

This is banana bread like you’ve never seen it. Fantastically fluffy with a boost from...

Le Gibbasier

A French bread from Provence, the gibassier is flavored with anise, candied orange peel, and...

Honey Pear Loaf

The perfect sweet finish to an autumnal evening, this pear-packed honeyed loaf has a decadent,...

Summer Squash Flatbreads

Celebrate the summer squash harvest with these delectable savory flatbreads, made instantly tangy with a...

Cherry Almond Sweet Rolls

Twisted and swirled with a concentrated cherry-almond filling, these sweet rolls get their luxurious texture...

Feta Cheese Rolls

Platinum Yeast® from Red Star® helps this savory wonder achieve its superior fluffy rise, making...

Herbed Pain d’épi

This pain d’épi has all the rich texture and sourdough flavor without the need for...




Why We Bake with It:
A classic for a reason, this active dry yeast is the gold standard. 


Why We Bake with It:
It’s just like instant yeast, only better, faster, and more effective. It’s premium instant yeast plus dough strengtheners for better baking made easy.


Why We Bake with It:
Blending the power of Platinum yeast with the flavor of sourdough starter, this yeast brings the best of all worlds.


Why We Bake with It:
This is a tried-and-true instant yeast with an organic perk.


Have you tried gesinebp’s Milk Bread recipe yet? There's 3 variations - and watch her bake-along video for step-by-step directions and lots of tips. Recipe link is in our profile.
*PLUS* Gesine is hosting a Facebook LIVE event on Red Star Yeast's Facebook page (redstaryeast) on Wednesday, 4/1 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT. She'll demonstrate how to make babka and other sweet treats using the dough, plus answer your recipe and yeast-baking questions. Make the recipe today and bring your questions to the live event. Or just come and watch! We’ll also be adding the video to our IGTV once it has ended.
*BONUS* We’re giving away 5 Platinum Moments boxes at the LIVE event, filled with recipe ingredients, baking tools and Red Star swag worth over $200!
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with easter coming up quick, i am sharing the recipe for a traditional italian easter bread (pane di pasqua) over on savourontario! it is a sweet egg bread finished with a hard boiled egg in the centre. you can keep in neutral with a sprinkle or raw sugar or go the more traditional route & finish with rainbow sprinkles! direct recipe link in profile. 🐰🐣🌈🍞
12 stranded challah achievement unlocked!!!
Sort of. 😉 
Challah bakers of all levels can create this gloriousness. Go check out the 12 stranded challah trick in my story! #yougotthis
Really happy with how the 7-strand challah baked up!  Less happy with how pale my skin looks in this picture, haha 😂

You can find the details for how I made this in my post from 2 days ago.
This yogurt and wheat germ bread is wonderful for sandwiches and morning toast. It's super easy to make, and the final bread is light and airy, which is pretty amazing for a loaf with a large percentage of whole wheat and wheat germ. It's also really flavorful.
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Sunday is a perfect time to bring everyone together for a brunch centered around this beautiful, fruit filled Danish.

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Recipe by completelydelicious

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A miniature pull-apart dream, these fantails pack tangy sour cream and bright green onion flavor in spades. Delicately tender, our base dough gets a fluffy boost from Platinum® Yeast from @RedStarYeast before being brushed with melted butter and sandwiched into its classic fantail shape. It’s the perfect recipe to embrace that first haul of spring’s vibrant green onions. Whether you’re looking for a simple, crave-worthy bread recipe or a stunningly shaped roll to impress at the dinner table, these fantails check all the boxes. Get the recipe with the link in profile!
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Easy No Knead Dutch Oven Bread😋!! Recipe on my blog (link in my bio) #goodeatsbymimi #foodblogger #dutchovenbread #dutchoven #homemade #yummy #breadmaking #lovetobake #breadbosses #foodmagazine #kingarthurflour #redstar #redstaryeast #breadstagram #thebiteshot