Breaking Bread the Bermudian Way

Breaking Bread the Bermudian Way

For every Dark ‘N Stormy and Cassava Pie, there is an epic Bermudian bread. Discover the enriched doughs and rum-laced batters that fuel the island’s eclectic bread scene.

On the sun-drenched stretch of land in the middle of the Atlantic known as Bermuda, bread is a part of daily life. In professional and home kitchens alike, bread is offered at breakfast, high tea, and every moment in between.

Year-round and island-wide, the same homemade banana bread and gingerbread sold by the slice in farmers’ markets and gas stations is offered on the menus of Bermuda’s finest dining establishments. Try Waterlot Inn’s Sticky Toffee Pudding made with gingerbread or the Banana Bread French Toast at Village Pantry.


Bermudians pack and infuse their breads with the island’s most precious imports, such as spices, and local ingredients—from liquor to fresh indigenous fruits and preserves. Many of Bermuda’s breads have grown to become cultural staples.

Take Bermuda’s fish sandwich, a national obsession consisting of a deep-fried fish fillet (usually cod, snapper, wahoo, or grouper), tartar sauce, tomato, coleslaw, and Bermuda onion.

Raisin Bread

The kicker? It’s all served on slightly sweet raisin bread. Come Easter, locals are likely to enjoy their codfish cake sandwiched between a hot cross bun, another form of sweet raisin bread sold by the dozen in bakeries across the island.

In Bermuda, you’ll find cake that’s called bread and bread that’s called cake. The unleavened, skillet-fried bread served with codfish at traditional Sunday breakfast goes by both.

Johnny Bread

Johnny bread (or johnnycake) was once dubbed “journey bread” because it kept longer than regular bread while on board ships for long periods out at sea. Today, every Bermudian household has their own recipe.

Now you don’t have to catch a flight to taste the marvel that is fresh baked-from-scratch Bermudian bread. Try our recipe for Bermudian Raisin Bread


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