Our Editor-in-Chief’s Top Paris Picks

    Stroll and Shop

    E. Dehillerin
    1st arrondissement
    18-20 rue Coquillière, 75001
    It’s impossible for me to go to France without picking up some copper from the finest cookware shop in Paris. Click here to learn about the best brocantes in France for buying copper.

    Photography courtesy of La Cuisine Paris

    Outdoor food markets 
    I go to whatever market is in the neighborhood I’m staying in to purchase artisan cheese, freshly baked bread, and seasonal fruit. 

    Photography by Geni Mermoud, @geeparee22

    Île Saint-Louis
    4th arrondissement
    I love meandering down the streets of the Île Saint-Louis, one of two natural islands in the Seine River, window-shopping with a crêpe in hand.


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