The Caribbean’s Best Hand Pies

Photo by David Hanson
Photo by David Hanson

Called pastechi here, these crescent-shaped snacks in Aruba typically have a sweeter dough than their Caribbean cousins.

Pastechi House, Oranjestad
Pastries from Pastechi House are so in demand among locals that owner Justo Lopez lovingly refers to his snack stand as a pastechi factory. To guarantee consistency, the sweet dough is sent through a roller to become as thin as possible yet still able to withstand frying, resulting in a pastechi with a little crunch. Grab the gouda variety, a nod to the island’s Dutch culture, and allow time to linger on the outdoor patio.
Caya G.F. Betico Croes 42, Oranjestad, Aruba; 297-582-4242

El Gallo Rojo, San Nicolas
This no-frills bakery and bodega in San Nicolas, Aruba’s cultural capital on the southeastern end of the island, is popular among locals for its pastechis fried at precisely 325F in vegetable oil for 40 seconds. Thanks to a crust that’s lighter on sugar than the typical Aruban variety, these handheld feasts come out of the fryer tender and pliable (more sugar means crispier pastechis).
Bernhardstraat and Marktstraat, San Nicolas, Aruba; 297-584-8212


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