lauren ko

Master Instagram Sensation Lauren Ko’s Piecrust Design

One of our 2018 Baker's Dozen and an overall smash Instagram sensation, Lauren Ko is known for turning out some of the most original...

Apple Butter

Hallmarks of Appalachian cooking include heartiness, resourcefulness and deep-seated tradition. No other dish resonates like the apple stack cake, typically made with warm spices...
homemade halva

Our Tricked-Out Candy Bar: Homemade Halva

Food writer Ben Mims has your homemade Halloween cravings covered. This isn’t technically how halva is made, but it gets close enough, tasting like...
Frosting, the Finishing Touch to your cake

Two Essential Frostings: Buttercream and Meringue

What you coat your cake with is as important as the cake itself. As timeless as they are delicious, buttercream and meringue are two...

Fish Mollee

The Portuguese richly influenced Kerala. This curried fish stew, cooked in rich coconut milk, is a variation on Portuguese Caldeirada. Serve it with Appam.

Asha Gomez’s Chai

“The key to a great chai is patience,” Asha Gomez insists. The essence of a good cup of chai depends in taking the time...

Amma’s Fresh Tomato Juice

Asha Gomez’s childhood home in Kerala was near the Catholic school, and she remembers priests and nuns dropping by often just to drink her...

Lacy Kerala Style Appam

In Kerala, wheat-based breads are rare. You’re more likely to find Appam, a lacy, crepe-like bread made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk.

Stewed Plantains

You can serve these plantains as a side dish or as dessert. This dish pairs nicely with the rice-flour Appam.

Railways Beef Curry

Because Kerala has a sizeable Christian population, this is one of the few regions in India where beef is regularly eaten. The cinnamon imparts...