Italian Cream Bundt Cake

Italian Cream Bundt Cake

  This cake delivers the same flavors as its three-layered cousin in a super moist, sugar-dusted package. It’s Italian Cream Cake, simplified. For more recipes...

Blackberry-Almond Upside-Down Cake

A finishing touch of sugar-coated sliced almonds gives this sweet berry-topped cake a tempting crunch. Get even more irresistible one-layer cake recipes in our...

Almond-Blueberry Coffee Cake

Almond flour gives this crumbly cake a complex, slightly nutty flavor, while slivered almonds and a sprinkling of coarse sugar add an extra sweet...
Mulled Wine Cake - Jan/Feb Bake from Scratch 2017

Mulled Wine Cake

A rich combination of Merlot, cinnamon, and fig preserves—this mulled wine cake is its own standard.    
Berry Buttermilk Cake with Mascarpone Crème Fraîche

Berry Buttermilk Cake with Mascarpone Crème Fraîche Frosting

Our buttermilk cake is moist and slightly tangy while fresh berries add a punch of sweetness to this spring-inspired confection. Using creamy mascarpone and...
Sacher S'mores Torte - Jan/Feb Bake from Scratch 2017

Sacher S’mores Torte

Inspired by the classic Sacher Torte of Vienna, Austria, this beauty boasts a soft graham cracker base layered with apricot preserves, sacher cake, and...
Bourbon Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cake

Bourbon Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cake

Chocolate covered cherries and a warm kick of bourbon make this an instant liquor-infused classic.

Saison Pear-Date Cake

In this impressive quick bread, spices, dates, nuts, and pears scream “Autumn!” We used highly prized Warren pears, but you can try firm and...
Brandy Alexander Marble Cake - Jan/Feb Bake from Scratch 2017

Brandy Alexander Marble Cake

Made with melted ice cream, this rich marble cake is as close as you can come to actually eating a Brandy Alexander. Be sure to...
Grand Marnier Poppy Seed Cake - Bake from Scratch Jan/Feb 2017

Grand Marnier Poppy Seed Cake

Candied oranges add a layer of elegant decadence to this sweet and tart Grand Marnier Poppy Seed cake. This recipe is one of our...