Yeast Breads

Honey Pear Swirl Bread - Jan/Feb Bake from Scratch 2017

Honey Pear Swirl Bread

For this Honey Pear Swirl Bread, we combined honey with pear preserves to create a silky filling that packs every bite with layers of...
Bienenstich - Jan/Feb Bake from Scratch 2017


German for "Bee Sting Cake," the Bienenstich is honey rich and topped with a savory/sweet blend of caramelized almonds.
Cinnamon Twist Giant Roll - Jan/Feb Bake from Scratch 2017

Cinnamon Twist

We gave one giant roll a show stopping cinnamon twist. Using granulated sugar in place of brown sugar creates a crispier exterior, while the...
Cinnamon Roll Dough - Jan/Feb Bake from Scratch 2017

Cinnamon Roll Dough

If there were one go-with-the-flow dough, this Cinnamon Roll Dough would be it. Customize this adaptable dough to your personal preference. Simple yet forgiving,...
Savory Monkey Bread

Savory Monkey Bread

The term “monkey bread” was first used in Southern California in the 1940s. Most commonly known as “pull-apart bread,” it refers to a rich...
Stollen - Bake from Scratch - Holiday

German Christmas Stollen

This buttery yeast bread is a German Christmas classic. Studded with rum-spiked dried fruit and filled with homemade marzipan, meet your new holiday addiction,...
Pear Chai Spiced Scones with Spiced Pear Glaze

Pear Chai Spiced Scones with Spiced Pear Glaze

Baked with an aromatic Indian spice and topped with a sweet pear drizzle, these spiced scones are bursting with flavor. Save Recipe...

Bread Rolls

For the perfect appetizer, stuff these simple rolls with sliced ham and turkey, and serve with a smear of softened butter. You can also...

Sour Cream Rolls

The Parmesan cheese and garlic baked into these rolls add a wonderful savory note and a flavor reminiscent of garlic bread. Save...

Overnight Orange Refrigerator Rolls, From Food 52 Baking

While you may think that having fresh-from-the-oven yeast rolls before noon is out of your reach, it can be done. Just mix the dough...


Red Wine Pear Tart

A Flair for Pear! Our Best Pear Recipes

Ready to make the most of pear season? From Anjou to Bartlett to Bosc, we’re giving the juicy gold, ruby, and green hued fruit the...

Blushing Pear Pie

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Blueprint