Check Off Everyone on Your Christmas List With This Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide

1. April Cornell Merry Tartan Plaid Apron and Ovenmitt

With exclusive pattern designs inspired by April Cornell’s travels abroad, this old-fashioned apron and ovenmitt are the perfect complement to a joy-filled kitchen. Made in durable cotton meant for everyday use, they make a lovely gift for new and seasoned bakers alike.


2. Cane River Pecan Company Mammoth Pecan Box

Your holiday baking requires the finest ingredients. For your next nutty baked good, turn to Cane River pecans, mammoth nuts that hail from Louisiana’s esteemed pecan country. We also love that they are completely natural—no salt, sugar, or flavoring of any kind has been added.


3. Southern Marsh Highland Alpaca Blanket in Washed Blue

The Highland Alpaca Blanket is the latest innovation from Southern Marsh. Made from a soft, brushed polyester, this blanket is your go-to for those chilly days we all love, cozying up by the fire with eggnog and cookies.


4. Life Application Study Bible for All Ages

This one of a kind resource seeks to empower people to draw closer to God, share their faith, and establish healthy relationships with those around them! Other titles include Teen Life Application Study Bible, Boys Life Application Study Bible, and Girls Life Application Study Bible.

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