With Cherries On Top: Our Best Cherry Recipes

Sweet or tart, candied or fresh, cherries bring a burst of fruity flavor to your favorite desserts. From a summery take on Linzer cookies to our inventive crumb cake twist on the cherry-limeade classic, this recipe roundup will have you feeling very cherry in a whole new way.

Cherry Crumb Cake

  1. Cherry Crumb Cake

Ditch the extravagant garnishes and towering layers for this simple and sophisticated one-layer cake that is guaranteed to impress. With a layer of cherries baked beneath the Ginger-Lime Crumb Topping, our elevated take on the cherry-limeade cake (a summertime classic) is even more beautiful after you cut into it. You’ll get a juicy burst of cherry in every bite.

Sourdough Scones
Photography by Art Meripol / Recipe Development by Stacey Ballis

2. Cherry Walnut Sourdough Scones

In our March/April issue, author Stacey Ballis reveals the tangy secret to her baked goods: sourdough discard. Instead of tossing the discard, Stacey shows you how to incorporate your discard in everything from biscuits to loaf cake to these Cherry Walnut Sourdough Scones.

3. Sour Cherry Shortbread Linzer Cookies

These are the best sandwich cookies you’ll make this summer. A tiny bit of citric acid in the cookie dough creates a zesty sour cherry flavor, which balances out the buttery shortbread cookies. 

Recipe Development, Photography, and Food Styling by Yossy Arefi

4. Sweet Cherry and Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake

Upside-down cakes are one of the very best ways to use just about any seasonal fruit. Blogger and cookbook author, Yossy Arefi, offers a version with juicy sweet cherries and a light and fluffy cornmeal-flecked cake batter. This cake pairs well with just about any fruit—try peaches or nectarines later in the season. Don’t forget to serve it with a bit of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

5. Pickled Cherry Bombs

These little pockets of dough pack explosive flavor. Inspired by Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi’s famous Bagel Bomb creation, each savory orb offers all the chew and salty, crusty goodness of a regular bagel, but with an epic epicenter: a sour pickled cherry thickly coated in rich mascarpone, cream cheese, and fried garlic.

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