With Cherries On Top: Our Best Cherry Recipes

6. Washington Cherry Pie

Nothing compares to fresh cherry pie. This Washington Cherry Pie is simple and classic, sure to become a staple on your summer to-do list. 

Photography by Stephen DeVries

7. Cherry Clafoutis

Years ago, when this recipe was first made, the cherry pits were left in the dish, giving an almond-like flavor when baked. For our variation, we replaced the pits with almond extract.

8. Candied Cherry, Date, and Pistachio Biscotti

With a little cherry brandy and candied cherries, this twice-baked Italian treat gets a double dose of cherry flavor. Chopped pistachios and sea salt flakes offset the sweet and lend the perfect amount of crunch. Dunk these in your coffee for the ultimate biscotti experience.

9. Cherry-Hazelnut Shekerburas

Shekerbura is a traditional sweet pastry hailing from Azerbaijan, a country located at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe. We added cherry and Frangelico to the dessert’s standard filling of ground nuts and sugar. Yeasted dough lets the pastry’s surface serve as a palette for intricate, textured patterns. We love how the thin, elevated ridges turn a deep golden brown while baking for even more visual contrast.

Cherry Sweet Rolls

10. Cherry Sweet Rolls

Give your go-to cinnamon rolls a break. These fluffy sweet rolls taste like the breakfast version of cherry pie. 

Black Forest Pie

11. Black Forest Pie 

The secret to this Black Forest Pie is Kirsch liqueur (also known as kirschwasser), a unique cherry spirit that uses the flavoring from both cherries and their stones, imparting a delicious almond aftertaste. 

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