Classic English Muffins: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

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English muffins

This Thursday, two members of our editorial team went live with you on Facebook to answer some of your most pressing questions for this month’s Better Baking Academy Module: Classic English Muffins. Here, we’ve rounded up five of those questions along with our team’s expert answers.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Better Baking Academy and our partnership with Bob’s Red Mill, be sure to check out our Better Baking Academy homepage here. We also have a Better Baking Academy with Bob’s Red Mill Facebook group. Here, you can share your bakes, interact with other home bakers, and tune in for our next Facebook Live Q&A on October 27, 2021. We can’t wait to see you again next month and talk all things Pumpkin Spice Bagels!

But for now, let’s see what our experts had to say about English muffins!


Question 1: Can these English muffins be eaten as soon as they come off of the griddle? I have seen a few recipes that do not recommend this and want you to wait until the next day.

A: The texture may be gummy/not properly set if sliced into hot off the griddle. We recommend you wait and let them cool for a bit to set up and then enjoy them warm!


Question 2: What do you think about topping these English muffins with everything bagel seasoning?

A: The Everything Bagel Seasoning may burn if used in place of the semolina as a topping and in direct contact with the griddle. You could try some mixed into the dough itself (this hasn’t been tested so let us know how it goes!) or stirred into a cream cheese spread to enjoy with the English muffins!


Question 3: These turned out great for me, but I’ve noticed that almost every other English muffin recipe I’ve looked at includes an egg and some milk. Was there a specific reasoning behind only using water in this recipe?

A: Traditionally, English muffins are not a super enriched dough. By staying true to this, this contributes to their signature texture and flavor.


Question 4: What type of flour options are best? I’ve tried bread flour. I typically use King Arthur brand. Can you use all purpose? Whole wheat?

A: We recommend bread flour over all-purpose for these to get English Muffins with the ideal nooks and crannies as well as enjoyable chew. You need a certain protein content to get desired results. You may be able to experiment cutting in some whole wheat flour, but keep in mind this absorbs more water than bread flour so adjustments to liquid may be needed to get the same texture. This hasn’t been tested so if you do go this route, let us know how it goes!


Question 5: Is the shaping tutorial really necessary for this to turn out with the nooks and crannies? I get weighing them to shape them, but I usually just do the roll in my finger cage on the hard surface, I kind of find the procedure a bit complicated.

A: Yes, our shaping method ensures you are gently shaping each portion into a ball and not pushing out too much air. The finger cage method you mention has the potential to do so, creating a more dense structure. Think of our method as gently creating a very small boule.

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