A Pastry Master’s Croissant Picks from Around the World

Photography, Recipe Development, and Food Styling by Cenk Sönmezsoy

In our new March/April 2018 Issue, cookbook author Cenk Sönmezsoy takes us through everything you need to know about the essential croissant. Find his favorite croissant picks from around the world on the next page! 

On his first trip to Paris, the city’s croissants were at the top of Cenk’s ambitious list of things to taste. They were as flaky, tender, and rich with butter as he had imagined them to be, but the striking revelation he was hoping for didn’t happen. How could it be that Cenk—a novice home baker who had made a dozen batches in his life up to that point—would choose his homemade croissants over the ones made by the savants of Paris? The answer was clear to him: The croissant that makes you feel weak in the knees will always be the one that comes fresh from your oven. If he can master this pastry, so can you. All you need is a reliable recipe that works at home and produces consistent results. Cenk’s croissant recipe featured in our new March/April 2018 Issue includes every tip and trick he knows so that even the most inexperienced home baker will have a smooth baking experience.

Read the rest of this croissant feature in our March/April 2018 Issue! Cenk breaks down all the building blocks and technique tips you need to create the perfect croissant. We even include make ahead instructions and tips for your butter. Pick one, pull it apart, and take a big bite. If you’re covered in buttery flakes and don’t even care, you’ve done it.

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