A Pastry Master’s Croissant Picks from Around the World

Photography, Recipe Development, and Food Styling by Cenk Sönmezsoy

In the name of research, Cenk Sönmezsoy has eaten his weight—and then some—in croissants from all over the world. Here are the three that won his heart.

  1. Tartine BakerySan Francisco, California 

Cenk’s Pick: Croissant—the classic is flaky, crisp, buttery, and rich, with well-defined layers and a deeply colored crust.

2. Pierre Hermé | Paris, France 

Cenk’s Pick: Croissant Ispahan, a decadent Pierre Hermé classic, filled with rose-scented almond paste and raspberry and lychee compote, glazed, and sprinkled with candied rose petals.

3. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse | Los Angeles, California  

Cenk’s Pick: Churro Croissant, perfectly tender, filled with a delicate dulce de leche cream and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

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