You Asked, She Answered: Cookie Q&A with Rebecca Firth

Spiced Chinese Almond Cookies / Photography, Food Styling, and Recipe Development by Rebecca Firth

@iamamariano asked: I have a friend who makes her holiday cookies in October and then freezes them so she doesn’t have to worry about making them during the holidays. Does this process sacrifice flavor, texture, or anything else?
RF: I love make-ahead baking and I love having stuff in the freezer! I would recommend doing it a month out from when I plan on needing the cookies, just so they stay fresh. I would also freeze the dough and not the actual cookies. For short storage periods (about two weeks), roll the dough into balls, freeze in a single layer on a baking sheet and then transfer to an airtight container or freezer bag until you’re ready to bake. For longer storage periods, leave the dough in a big hunk and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. You can wrap foil around it for even more protection, too. Then, place in a resealable bag with the air pressed out. This really protects from freezer burn! asked: What’s the best way to store cookies to keep them fresh and still preserve their texture?
RF: I have some long, flat air-tight storage containers left over from when I used to cater. I like to use these and line the bottoms of the container and between each cookies layers with parchment paper. This is good for when I’m taking the cookies to an event or if I want to photograph them the next day and have them look fresh. Otherwise, if the cookies are just for me and my family, I love putting them in lidded cake stands on the counter. To me, that makes a home look so cozy.

@livetosweet asked: What is THE cookie that you can’t live without during the holidays?
RF: Hands down, I would have to say a really delicious, well-spiced molasses cookie with heaps of ginger and rolled in sparkling sugar. Stop. My mouth is watering now. 

@seatachester asked: Do you have any good tips for sending cookies across the country? Will they go stale or lack flavor? Are there certain cookies that travel better than others?
RF: When I ship cookies anywhere, I always do 2-day shipping. It’s pricey, but you’re aiming for quick delivery. Stick to drop cookies since they’re quite sturdy, sugar cookies with a simple glaze and maybe some sprinkles. Avoid things like chocolate crinkles, because that powdered sugar is a disaster in transit, and macarons because they’re so fragile. Pack the cookies in re-sealable bags with the air pressed out, and cushion them in bubble wrap. Use a box for shipping instead of a bag. I hope this helps! There’s nothing better than getting cookies in the mail from a loved one!

@monkeymaker asked: If you were on a deserted island and could only have one type of cookie, what would it be?
RF: Call me a basic broad, but chocolate chip cookies will always be my true love.

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