Copper in the Kitchen

Copper - Bake from Scratch
Photography by Stephen DeVries

Even heating, quick cooling, and undeniable style make copper perfect for any kitchen, but its warm, shiny glow makes us think of French farmhouses and busy Parisian kitchens. In a nod to our favorite cookware, here are our picks to help you whip, measure, and mix your way through this French-inspired issue of Bake from Scratch.

1. Coppermill Kitchen

Whether you prefer true heirlooms, refurbished antiques, or vintage-inspired pieces, Coppermill Kitchen has one-of-a-kind tools for any baker. Their collection is filled with pieces such as this mid-19th century round gratin pie pan, handy for baking a Tarte Tatin. We instantly fell in love with the CMK Tartlet Moulds and mid-19th century trottier bundt mould, perfect for baking up miniature versions of beloved confections.

2. Chris Theofel Innovations Copper Balloon Whisk, 12”

When copper is used to beat egg whites, a chemical reaction occurs between the molecules, making it easier to achieve stiff peaks. This makes the copper tines of this beautiful whisk ideal for recipes like our elegant Meringue Nests.

3. Mauviel M’passion Copper Beating Bowl

This bowl is more than just a vessel for ingredients. Chefs love its unlined copper interior, which stabilizes egg whites while beating, allowing them to almost triple in volume.

4. Cypress Grove Measuring Cups

Baking is a science, requiring precise measurements. But who says science can’t be stylish? Use these burnished beauties to measure out flour for our Almond Cake, and then hang them on your wall as a bold accent piece.

5. KitchenAid Metallic Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer, Satin Copper

Clad in real copper over die-cast zinc and aluminum, this mixer doubles as a stylish counter accessory. But don’t let the pretty face fool you; ten speed settings, a durable stainless steel bowl, and a power hub for optional attachments make this beauty a kitchen workhorse.

6. Timber & Ore Rolling Pin

Rolling out dough evenly can be harder than it looks, but the correct rolling pin can make the task smooth sailing. This heavy, smooth pin makes for level rolling and is perfect for preparing our Petit Beurre dough to be cut into its signature thin, ridged shape.

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