Crazy for Coconut: Our Best Recipes for Baking With Coconut

9. Carrot Coffee Cake 

Buttermilk whipped cream complements our tropical spin on this Southern classic brimming with pecans, carrots, crushed pineapple, not to mention that generous layer of toasted coconut on top. 

10. German Chocolate Pound Cake 

This confection gets its name from the brand of chocolate it uses, not its country of origin. Our Bundt version ditches the traditional layers, but keeps the coconut, pecan, and caramel flavor notes that made this chocolate cake a classic.  

Photography and Styling by Mason + Dixon / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Ben Mims

11. Earl Grey Scones with Coconut 

In Ben Mims’ recipe, floral notes of orange and bitter black tea pair well with the rich aroma of coconut in these scones with the tea blended right inside. Even though pieces of coconut, its milk, and oil are used here, the subtle flavor of coconut needs the boost of extract for its full flavor to come through. 

12. Italian Cream Bundt Cake 

This cake delivers the same flavors as its three-layered cousin in a super moist, sugar-dusted package. It’s Italian Cream Cake, simplified. 

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  1. I tried your coconut cake recipe in the latest magazine. The frosting had too much butter, but the cake was very light.


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