Danish Delights

Try your hand at these flaky, filling-stuffed pastries. They’re easier than you think once you’ve made a batch of our Danish Dough

Traditional Cream Cheese and Jam Danish

  1. Traditional Cream Cheese and Jam Danish 

Creamy and jammy, this is the classic Danish recipe that all bakers need in their repertoire. Use any jam of your choice, and you can also freeze half of the dough and make small batches of Danish.

2. Almond Pinwheels with Cream Cheese Filling 

These Danish pinwheels are filled with cream cheese, topped with almonds, and dusted with confectioners sugar for an unfussy take on a classic.

Apple Danish Braids

3. Apple Danish Braids

A double dose of apple (from fresh apples and cider) fills these Danish braids with a warm and lightly spiced flavor.

4. Egg, Bacon, and Pecorino Danish

Bacon and pecorino pair perfectly with a soft, oven-fried egg on this beautiful savory Danish.

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