It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . for baking! With over 70 festive recipes for cake, cookies, pie, and more, this November/December Issue will be your go to holiday baking resource. If the cookies on the cover aren’t enough motivation, wait until you see our four other iterations of gingerbread, from morning buns to layer cakes. In the days leading up to Christmas, try your hand at the ultimate make-ahead holiday treat: stollen. This boozy fruit-studded, marzipan-filled bread actually just gets better with time, so it’s perfect for a mid-December bake. For the chocolate lovers out there, find our Guittard feature, where we take an exclusive look inside the 150-year-old San Francisco, California, company’s factory and give you the lowdown on cacao percentage and how to choose the best chocolate for baking. Plus we’re offering a recipe for Everything Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies that highlight not one but two types of Guittard chocolate. Finally, check out our gift guide to see which baking items you want on your holiday wish list this year. (If you’re anything like us, it will be all of them!) Between our back page Eggnog Babka Knots and the curling, sunny-gold St. Lucia Buns, you’re bound to find a new festive favorite within these pages. 


The holidays mean one thing: all cookies, all the time. Choosing just one cookie experience is impossible! Take our cover star, the festively packed cookie box by Erin Clarkson (of the blog Cloudy Kitchen). Each cookie will become a new holiday favorite, from the Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles to the Earl grey scented sugar cookies, and you’ll only find out from baking each one. We brought on Sarah Kieffer, the genius behind the sensational Pan-Banging Cookies heard ’round the internet. We also checked back in with Edd Kimber, our contributing editor, and asked him to recreate his epic brownie crinkle cookie with a black cocoa twist. And then there’s Rebecca Firth offering up more Asian-inspired treats that’ll change your holiday cookie game forever. Even if you just came for a new collection of traditional cookies, you won’t be disappointed. 




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