Asiago Black Pepper
  • ⅔ cup (57 grams) shredded Asiago cheese
  • 1 tablespoon (6 grams) course ground black pepper
  • 1 cup (137 grams) (½-inch) cubed Asiago cheese
  1. Proceed with Dutch Oven Bread recipe, adding shredded cheese and pepper with flour, salt, and yeast in step 1. With mixer on low, add water in a slow, steady stream just until a shaggy dough forms. Switch to the dough hook attachment, and beat at low speed for 5 minutes. Add cubed cheese, and beat until dough comes together and begins to pull away from sides and bottom of bowl, 1 to 3 minutes. (The dough will be elastic and should not tear when pulled.)
  2. Lightly oil a large bowl, and continue as directed.
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