The Essential: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oven Temperature

The most traditional chocolate chip cookie oven temperature is 350°F, and the go-to for the Classic, Cakey, and Chewy recipes.

Higher than 350°F
You’ll have darker, more compact cookies. Caramelization occurs above 356°F, and gives cookies their tanned exterior, crunchier texture, and more caramel flavor (which is why we baked the Crispy at 375°F.)

Lower than 350°F
When baking low and slow, you will have the wider cookies and even contrast from the edges to the center of the cookie. Ingredients don’t get hot enough to bind to one another and form a firm structure during the beginning of baking, so they continue to spread.

Don’t Forget the Salt

Salt brings dimension to cookies by balancing the flavor of the caramelized sugars and gives a simple chocolate chip cookie delicious complexity. We bake with kosher salt, but if you are using fine grain salt, cut the salt measurement your recipe requires in half. Sprinkle some flaky sea salt on your cookies pre-bake to provide even more savory flavor. Our favorite sea salt for sprinkling is Maldon.

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