The Essential Parker House Rolls

Parker House Rolls are the only dinner roll recipe you’ll ever need. Make the dough, and keep scrolling for our variations on this classic.

 1. Parker House Pocket Rolls

The Parker House Pocket Rolls use rounds of dough folded over into tidy pockets to create half-circle bites of buttery perfection.

 2. Parker House Square Rolls

While they aren’t perfectly square, these billfold-style rolls follow the same roll, tuck butter, and fold technique as the Pocket Rolls.

3. Parker House Round Rolls

The round roll is the most versatile for dressing up with different flavors, such as dill and Gruyère. 

4. Parker House Dill and Gruyère Rolls

We take our essential Parker House Roll Dough recipe and blend in Gruyère and fresh dill for a cheesy, herbaceous twist on the beloved classic. 


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