Exclusive: Bake From Scratch’s New Artisan Baking Products!

Bake from Scratch Exclusive Products

Bake from Scratch has partnered with the industry’s most exciting artisans (from the cake stand mavericks behind AHeirloom to the craftsman from Facture Goods to the apron geniuses at Hedley & Bennett) to create handcrafted, exclusive products with you, our beloved bakers, in mind. We’re diving deep into why these items are essential to a baker’s household, showing what sets them apart and how they’ll take your baking to the next level. Each product can be found on our online store for one-stop shopping.

Facture Goods Set

1. Facture Goods Extra-Wide Bench Scraper

What It Is:

The MVP of a baker’s tool kit, now with an extra-wide, hand-forged brass blade and comfortable walnut handle.

Why We Can’t Live Without It:

With a 10-inch-long blade, this vital tool will help you maneuver, divide, and clean up the stickiest of doughs while simultaneously aiding you in smoothing the icing of your layer cakes, from the nearly naked to the thickly frosted.

2. Facture Goods Offset Spatula

What It Is:

A sturdy walnut wood handle and pebbled brass blade combine to create the perfect spreader.

Why We Can’t Live Without It:

Is there a more elegant way to spread icing, butter, or ganache than with a handmade offset spatula? Beyond that, the stiff, long blade with a dulled edge keeps our frosting lines even and smooth.

3. Facture Goods Pie/Cake Server

What It Is:

This brass and walnut server is pie-cake flexible and available in either a left- or right-handed option (we hear you, leftie bakers).

Why We Can’t Live Without It:

With one smooth edge designed for sliding under flakey slices of pie and a serrated edge meant for slicing through dense layer cakes, this server helps us enjoy the best of both worlds. Plus, the sturdy blade doesn’t waffle or waver under the weight of even the heaviest of our creations. Cheesecake, anyone?

AHeirloom Cake Stand

4AHeirloom Cake Stand

What It Is:

A walnut wood-based cake stand with a smooth white top and white detail, this modern piece is perfectly at home on your kitchen countertop.

Why We Can’t Live Without It:

This cake stand offers a low (3.5-inch) and steady perch—the perfect platform to ice and display your grand cakes. And that subtle, tasteful appearance makes it an evergreen, 365-days-a-year décor addition to your kitchen. (Check it out on the cover of our November/December Issue!)

Hedley & Bennett Apron

5. Hedley & Bennett Apron

What It Is:

With a hint of French blue and brass hardware, this blue herringbone apron packs two pockets, a towel loop, adjustable straps, and a snug top pouch for your phone.

Why We Can’t Live Without It:

Stain-resistant, wrinkle-proof, baker-specific, and absolutely fabulous. What more could you want from your apron? In addition, this apron has flexible, adjustable straps, offering cover for bakers of all heights.

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  1. I would like some extra information about the Heirloom Cake Stand please. What material is the white top & detail made from. Does the “low 3.5 inch” stand mean the walnut pedestal is only 3.5 inches tall to the bottom of the top white top? Does the “steady perch” mean the top does not swivel as you ice the sides of the cake? What is the diameter of the white top?
    This is a lovely piece of kitchen equipment, very stylish & would compliment any kitchen but I wonder how useful it is.
    Thank you,


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