Our Favorite Crumb Crusts

Whether with nuts, pretzels, cookies, or crackers, crumb crusts offer the perfect sweet and salty base to your creamy pies and tarts. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite renditions to get you in the mood for crumbly, crunchy bottomed pie! For more crumb crust pie inspiration, get our fall pie guide in our September/October issue.

  1. Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Pie

For a hint of subtle heat, we added a pinch of black pepper to the crust of this rich cheesecake pie. 

Key Lime Pie2. Key Lime Pie

Our take on the beloved original Key Lime Pie features a salty-sweet crust and intense lime flavor thanks to a cup of juice from this pie’s tiny namesake citrus. 

Photography by Matt Armendariz/ Recipe development and food styling by Marian Cooper Cairns

3. Plum-And-Pretzel Cheesecake Pie

Salty pretzels are an excellent base for this slightly sweet mascarpone cheesecake. The plums macerate in a mixture of brown sugar and nutmeg then bake directly on the cheesecake batter. Finish this dessert with an orange-scented glaze for a pretty presentation. 

Recipe Development, Photography, and Food Styling by Yossy Arefi

4. Apricot and Hazelnut Crumb Tart

This deep-dish Apricot and Hazelnut Crumb Tart is a true celebration of one of blogger and cookbook author Yossy Arefi’s very favorite fruits—the rosy-cheeked apricot. Apricots are one of those fruits that truly come alive with a bit of heat, and in this tart they are wrapped in a toasty and crunchy hazelnut crust and crumble. Use Blenheim apricots if they are available where you live—their honey sweet flavor just can’t be beat.


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