February: The Ultimate Brownies

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How to Customize your Brownies

We opt for a trio of chocolate for our mix-ins, but you can flex your creative muscle and make a personalized batch of brownies by following our guide

THE METHOD: In step 4, we have you fold your three chopped chocolates into the batter as the very last step before pouring the batter into the prepared pan. Whatever mix-in you decide to use, be it nuts or dried fruit, you’ll want to add it in at this time. The only exception to the rule is jam, which you would swirl on top of the batter once the batter has been added to the prepared pan at the end of step 4.

THE MAGIC NUMBER: Our mix-ins are ½ cup each of white, milk, and dark chocolates, adding up to a total of 1½ cups of chopped chocolate going into the batter. As a rule, you can replace any (or all!) of those amounts of chocolate with an equal amount of another ingredient. Your mix-in amount should always equal 1½ cups because adding more or less of the 1½ cups called for will change the bake time of your brownies.

THE MIX-INS: The options are endless! Try nuts, like walnuts, pecans, or peanuts, to add crunchy texture. Dried fruit, such as apricots or cherries, introduces a note of concentrated sweetness. Try incorporating toffee bits or caramel pieces for a boost of butterscotch. You can even swirl in jam once the brownie batter has been added to the pan (just keep the jam at 1 cup, as liquid jam is heavier than your dry mix-ins).

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