A Flair for Pear! Our Best Pear Recipes

Red Wine Pear Tart

Ready to make the most of pear season? From Anjou to Bartlett to Bosc, we’re giving the juicy gold, ruby, and green hued fruit the starring role it deserves in fall baking. With everything from breakfast-ready muffins and scones to autumn-appropriate pies, Bundts, and loaf cakes, this collection of recipes ensures the pear’s mild, honeyed flavor truly shines.

1. Red Wine-Poached Pear Tart 

Almond crust, almond cream, and a generous serving of red wine? Yes, please. With a centerpiece of wine-infused pears, this tart is almost too gorgeous to eat. Almost. 

2. Blushing Pear Pie

Roasted beets deliver subtle, earthy tones that complement the sweet pears and nutty crumb topping. For five more pie recipes and our complete guide to fall pie, get our September/October issue!

Pear Almond Cake

3. Pear-Almond Cake

This rich, almond cake is a showstopper perfect for dinner parties. Yet, it’s so easy you can whip up this pear almond cake for a mid-afternoon treat. 

4. Honey Pear Swirl Bread

For this Honey Pear Swirl Bread, we combined honey with pear preserves to create a silky filling that packs every bite with layers of fruit and spice.

Pear Chai Spiced Scones with Spiced Pear Glaze

5. Pear Chai Spiced Scones with Spiced Pear Glaze

Baked with an aromatic Indian spice and topped with a sweet pear drizzle, these spiced scones are bursting with flavor.

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