A Flair for Pear! Our Best Pear Recipes

6. Saison Pear-Date Cake

In this impressive quick bread, spices, dates, nuts, and pears scream “Autumn!” We used highly prized Warren pears, but you can try firm and ripe Seckel or Comice pears as well.

Pear-Walnut Muffins with Vanilla Bean-Ginger Streusel

7. Pear-Walnut Muffins with Vanilla Bean-Ginger Streusel

Simultaneously airy and decadent, these pear-walnut muffins are the perfect treat for fall mornings. The vanilla bean in the streusel softens the punch of the ginger to give a rich sweetness with a mellow bite.


8. Pear, Honey, and Lime Pie

For this rosette-style pie, pears poached in a Sauvignon Blanc and honey bath sit atop a creamy vanilla bean custard and lime-scented piecrust. 

Pear Honey Bundt Cake

9. Pear Honey Rosemary Bundt Cake

We love herbs in sweet baked goods. The honey and rosemary in this cake impart a delicious earthiness in this Pear Honey Rosemary Bundt Cake.

Gingerbread Pear Loaf

10. Gingerbread Pear Loaves

With their elegant tapering necks and firm texture, whole Bosc pears baked into this rustic loaf elevate its look and taste.

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